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Find Out When To Call The Plumbers? How Long Does Clay Pipe Last?

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Clay Pipelines Facts & Plumbers Clay Pipes Help

​Waking up early in the morning and walking into the bathroom to brush your teeth and get started on your day, but instead, being greeted by a cesspool of the worst smelling toilet water cannot be a pleasant experience. Though the smell will wake you right up, it will probably ruin your entire day. Maybe even the week, if the problem is something that cannot be solved by a simple tap fix.

Plumbers Clay Pipes

Clay Pipes

Being proactive about your Plumbers Clay Pipes pays well in the end

It is crucial to know about the buried secrets of your home (pun intended). Though it may be a tedious and dry topic, knowing about your house’s plumbing can save you a lot of money and grief down the road. Keeping on top of your plumbing can save you huge amounts on your water bill – up to a humongous 35% if we are talking numbers!

Older homes tend to have clay pipelines installed, and can face related problems

Plumbers Clay Pipes

Plumbers Near Me

If you own a home that was built before the 1980s, the chances are that the pipe in your yard is made of clay – unless, of course, that you or an owner before you got it replaced. In the following article, we will look deeper and know everything there is to know about the widely used clay sewerage pipes.

But if your clay pipes have not yet been replaced since they were first installed, there is a huge probability that you will need to do that very soon. To truly understand your clay sewerage system, and for a proactive approach to any future plumbing problem, we recommend that you read this post carefully and estimate the time you have got until you will be driven to make the switch.

Types of sewer pipes available in the market

Before we specifically talk about clay pipes, let us explore a little about the different types of pipes that have been used throughout history. This will give you a little bit of insight into which option is most suitable for you when you do decide to change it up.

In older homes – that is, those that were built before the late 1900s – are likely to have their plumbing done by one of these three options: cast iron, clay, or a fiber conduit pipe commonly called as Orangeburg. However, after the 1980s, the plumbers found themselves working with entirely new materials.

The new era of plumbing started with the replacement of these old pipes mainly by the plastic sewer pipe. Though some homeowners and plumbers still decide to stick with cast iron or clay today, it is the PVC or ABS plastic pipe that you will find used in most of the newer constructions today. Due to its multiple disadvantages, Orange burg found itself wholly outdated and is usually not seen in any more modern properties today.

If you are worried that you might be needing new pipes, it is always a good idea to get a noninvasive detection test done.

So, how long will my clay sewer pipe last?

Every type of pipe has its own average life expectancy. Once it crosses that age, it is only sensible that you think of getting a replacement before an unpleasant plumbing problem hits you in the face. The average time a clay pipe is supposed to last is between 50 to 60 years.

However, there may be a possibility where you will find yourself being forced to replace your pipes before this time has elapsed. It is often how the pipe is being used – and what is being flushed down the drain – that largely determines if your pipes are going to give in anytime soon. Similarly, there have been instances where these clay pipes have lasted well over hundreds of years, and are still holding strong today!

How can I tell that it is time to call the plumbers?

Plumbers Clay Pipes

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So, how will I know if I need to replace my plumbing, you ask yourself? If a clay pipe can last anywhere between a few years to centuries, when do I call the plumbers?

This is true that there is no hard and fast rule about when a pipeline might give in. This is why it is wise to keep a lookout for some telltale signs that might be hinting on your plumbing issues.

First and foremost, you should always be wary of any offensive odor originating from the ground following the path of your pipes. Though, of course, a little bit of bad smell is to be expected from a sewerage line, but if the smell persists even after a thorough cleaning, this might be a warning sign.

The second thing to be on a lookout for any strange sounds, regurgitating of waste material, or other problems of such sort near your drainage area. If this is happening, this is a clear sign that it is time to contact a competent plumbing company for it. Take help of Mr. Google, type the search term water line repair Dallas and a plenty of companies will appear in the search results. Choose the one that has the most positive reviews.

The final verdict on clay pipes

So, should you be using clay pipes to manage your waste today?

The simple answer to this is that it varies with what you are getting rid of in your sewerage. If you own a house, then you are probably better off using PVC plastic pipes rather than going through the trouble of getting clay pipes laid.

Clay pipes are old technique used before 1980s.

However, keep in mind that this does not mean that you need to dig up your entire yard and pay good money to replace a set of fully functional pipes. Just that if you ever need to replace them, go with plastic.

But if you are an industry that is regularly flushing down acids, clay pipes may be a good choice. Since clay is naturally inert and does not take part in chemical reactions, these pipes stand a better chance when carrying hazardous and damaging waste.

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