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5 Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Self-Storage Unit | Step By Step Illustrations

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How To Cleaning Storage Units

Cleaning Storage Units

Storage Cleaning

Self-storage units offer a great place for storing personal belongings during transition periods. There are different sizes of self storage units available that is why they are also ideal for keeping business-related items. It is a perfect solution for people looking to declutter their full homes as well. With this importance, self-storage units ought to be maintained, cleaned, and at times, reorganized. This ensures that the contents remain in perfect shape, preventing them from being dirty or getting lost.

According to Canningvalle storage units, the tips below will help you ease your self-storage unit cleaning tasks.

Cleaning Storage Units

How To Clean Storage Units

  • Get the Right Mindset For Cleaning Storage Units

Before beginning your cleaning exercise, it is important to focus on the good feeling and relief that comes from accomplishing a good cleaning exercise. This will help you create a positive attitude as you handle the task. Besides creating some positive perspective, developing the right mindset helps incorporate some accountability into the task. The right mindset involves setting a good date and inviting some close friends to help in completing the task. You should also gather all the essential materials in readiness for the cleaning task.

  • Declutter the Unit

Making a purge is very important when cleaning your self-storage unit. As you start the cleaning, it only makes sense if you get rid of items that you don’t require anymore. Therefore, it is important to sort your belongings in different categories, piles for donating, discard, and keep. If you find it hard to part with your items, you can include a “wait and see” category as well.

You can also add a category of “for review next time” if you have items that you think you should get rid of but not sure. By the next cleaning cycle, if you haven’t seen any need for them, either donate them or discard the items.

  • Rotate the Unit Contents

It is prudent to clean, dust, and rotate your self-storage facility annually. However, this doesn’t mean you rotate the items into a new unit. Rather, you should change the location of your items, moving boxes from the middle part to another section, dust the boxes off, purging unnecessary items, and re-organizing the contents of the room.

Repositioning is important for stacked items, while refolding is important to prevent rugs and textiles from developing permanent creases. That aside, you should add some rotation aspect to your cleaning measures to ensure that every box is touched. Label the unmarked boxes and find out the dirt hiding under the corner.

Most self-storage owners achieve this by removing everything from the unit first. They will then sweep, dust and clean before sorting what needs to be returned. This is probably the best way to excel in rotating items. When rotting, make sure that you label the new location of items, either in the drawers or in freezers for easy identification in the future.

  • Think About the Materials

Before cleaning, you should note what you have in your unit to prevent damaging them during the cleaning period. Damp and cold weather alternated with strong summer heat can be hard on your belongings in the self-storage unit. Paper documents, for instance, if not kept in plastic bins may wilt or curl up. Linens can also get moldy if not stored in vacuum-sealed bags.

On the other hand, wood items such as furniture or instruments and fabric can develop mildew if they are not covered properly. Therefore, to ease your cleaning routine, identify the various material make of your items to implement cleaning measures in advance. For instance, you will avoid draining water to areas with paper and fragile furniture.

  • Re-assemble Carefully

If you need high-level organization and cleanliness of your self-storage unit, you should store items categorized by room, person, or importance. To achieve this, you should have a plan that can consist of a drawing of the unit indicating where specific items can be located. Small items, for instance, can be kept at the forefront with large items such as gardening and sports equipment at the back.

You can keep the boxes in an isle with labels facing out in between for easier identification. Most self-storage owners prefer having a diagram of the store on a clipboard for easy reference. Taking photos of each of the walls is also prudent as they can be used for reference before making a trip to the unit.

Cleaning Storage Units

Portable Storage Sheds

How to clean a storage unit | ​Helpful YouTube Video

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what you do, dust and dirt is part of life. Cleaning is the only way to have dust clogged in your self-storage unit. The best way to ease your cleaning task is to prevent the accumulation of dirt itself.

To do this, ensure that you clean items before keeping them in the storage unit, cover large items such as furniture with tarps, and open your storage unit frequently. Covering items keeps dust and dirt away and reduces the overall cleaning work required. You should also prioritize keeping items in containers before storing them in the unit.





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