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Do-It-Yourself Guide on How to Replace a Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

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How do I replace my Single Handle Kitchen Faucet?

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Single handle kitchen faucet

Wondering how to replace a single handle kitchen faucet all by yourself? Here’s the easiest tutorial to help you out in moments of crisis.

Your single handle sink faucet just showed the worst tantrum and cracked making you go insane about what to do next. I know, hiring someone and replacing it will cost money and most of us will not like the extra charge.

Managing that situation of a flood almost taking over your place sounds terrifying. What would you do? How about replacing it all by yourself instead of waiting for a repairman to arrive, who knows when. Yes, it’s totally possible and I’m here to make that work.

I’ll tell you how to replace a single handle kitchen faucet smartly without panicking at all. This type of kitchen sink faucet is actually quite simple and stress-free to replace. So, don’t worry and just keep on reading!


Replacing A Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Start with A Check!

There are some key points you need to check before starting the process of replacing. You need to find out the number of holes and so look under your sink. There may be one to four holes. With a single-hole it can be used for a 3- or 4-hole kitchen sink. However, this cannot be opposite. I mean, you can’t use a 2- or 3-hole faucet inside a single-hole kitchen sink.


Tools You’ll Need!

There was a time when I had to visit a hardware shop three times just because while making the replacement a sudden need for a particular tool would pop up out of nowhere.

This should not happen to you. Let me help you to get all the essential things with one-stop shopping. A super simple list that I have just calculated inside my head already will help you out. Here’s everything in detail.

Shutoff valves – Have a check below your kitchen sink. Can you see any shutoff valves there? It should be feeding the faucet. If there is not anything like a shutoff valve, then get them. If they are present, make sure the order is right.

For that, you need to turn the hot and cold water. The valves need to be shut off. If there is any kind of drips, you need to install a new. Maximum sinks will use half inch copper supply pipes. There are compression fitting valves available for these. They are really easy to install and solderless as well. Add them on your shopping list. However, you can also buy a compatible one if your pipes are different.

Supply Tubes – Next item is supplied tube. You first need to measure the tubes and get a stainless steel-sleeved version accordingly. For years of rupture free usage, these are really efficient. They are really easy to route without any problem or kinking.

Basin Wrench – The next important tool is a basin wrench. This looks pretty weird in shape but specifically meant to be used for basins. It helps to remove and fasteners that are hard-to-reach.

Today’s modern faucets usually come with plastic wing-nuts. These are easy to loosen or harden by hand. However, if there is a spring-loaded jaw pivot in your basin, then this tool is required. Because they are usually very tightly hardened.

Pipe Wrench or Slip-joint Pliers – If there is a need to get rid of drain lines, then these two tools are important.

Other Things Are:

  • Assembly Set
  • Adjustable Wrench.
  • Silicone Caulk
  • Extra Cloth or Fabric
  • Bucket


Shut Off Every Connection

  • You need to start the process by turning off every water supply valve. These should be available under the sink.
  • If possible, turn off entire house’s supply line for the price. Use a tiny wrench for this process. It should be adjustable by itself.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the connection for both cold or hot water. These usually come from shutoff valves too.


Remove the Old Faucet

  • You need to use a basin wrench to get a grasp of the back-side end of your faucet. There are some tubes in the backside of your faucet. These are connected with coupling nuts. Unscrew each of them using the basin wrench.
  • Now hold the faucet and make sure it does not move. Simply remove the mounting nuts from it gradually.
  • After you have taken out each of the nuts, it’s time to remove faucet. Lift it slowly and keep it aside.
  • There should be bucket below the sink. The sink is going to leak water most probably.
  • Now using a basin wrench also remove your spray hose of a faucet. Take it out from the spot and clean every debris stuck inside your sink.
  • You need to wipe the sink using a clean scouring pad.


Adding New Sprayer Hose

  • Now you need to feed the faucet with a new set of a sprayer hose. Simply use the hole provided for sprayer inside your sink to slip a new one.
  • You can use an adjustable wrench to connect sprayer hose into nipples of the sink. Have a look at the new set base and observe each attachments.
  • There are water lines below shut-off valves that could be seen below the sink.


Connecting the Connectors

  • There may be a variation of hot and cold-water supply tubes in different manufacturer’s faucets. This may be present because of the dimensions. So, there is a need to put a flexible connector to transform faucet and complete installation.
  • Simply find the fittings present on faucet water lines. Now attach the connectors to those fittings. You can use wrenches.
  • Use one wrench to hold them tightly. While letting the other one makes female side fitting tightly. Using both wrenches for such attachment will make sure there is no corner line damage occurring anytime sooner.


Faucet on Its Seat

  • In the center hole, you need to place both connectors and supply lines. The gasket of your faucet needs to merge completely. Make sure to check this point thoroughly.
  • For this, you will simply use a washer. Install a washer using nuts below the sink. The end bolts need to be securely tightened. This will help the faucet to safety stay at its place.
  • You can use your hands and start screwing the nuts. Use a basin wrench now screw nuts until everything is set and complete.


Check Connections & Firmly Tighten Everything!

  • Once you are done with fixing the nuts of faucet, insert other connectors too. Make sure the male connectors are attached well. These need to be connected with the right shutoff valves.
  • You can use the adjustable wrench again for tightening process.
  • Now turn on all the water supply line. Use the shutoff valves carefully to do so.
  • Check if the faucet is working right. There should be no water leakage in ends. You need to tighten all ends securely. Turn on faucet and check if the connections are done properly.


While Buying Replacement

Just like any other thing, we get what we’ll pay for. So, make sure to keep some important consideration in mind while buying a faucet replacement.

There are faucets that come with a hundred-dollar price tag and the chrome-plated plastic arts. But for everyday usage these may not be the most ideal choice. Because these are quite prone for light-duty usage.

So, when you are buying a faucet replacement, at least keep your budget above two hundred dollars. This will make sure you buy something valuable and long-lasting. Don’t spend money for nothing and just to find out another broken story after a few uses.



There are three to four holes with most faucets. So, you need to insert a blank one for liquid soap options. When you have torn apart everything, make sure to install with this plan in mind.

You need to place the faucet into sink before putting it in countertop. This will save a lot of time and effort.

Make sure to keep some plywood scraps on paint cans in front the cabinet. This will help you to lie and do the installation process below basin. It’s much more comfortable then sitting and doing the replacement.

If you find out that the aerator has buildup with dirt and debris, use some white vinegar. Rinse the thing gradually and screw it into faucet. You may want to replace a damaged aerator for smooth using.

Turn the water supply slowly so that any pressure does not damage your new faucet. Let it run freely and all debris or dirt wash away from new components.

You should do the replacement process at store hours. So that when you find a particular tool is required, it’s possible to go grab from a store quickly.

Replace sprayer hose if there are multiple damages. This may be the actual reason for your new faucet showing problems.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety warnings to perform a smooth replacement.


Home Depot Video | How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet With a Single Handle

YouTube Video | Do-It-Yourself - How to replace a kitchen faucet


So, if you wish to know how to replace a single handle kitchen faucetmake sure to go through every step I mentioned above. Don’t be in doubts while starting the process. You need to be clear about every step pretty well.

I hope the writing was helpful and you’ll be able to do this simple replacement chore all by yourself from now. Good Luck & See You for The Next Topic Soon!





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