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How Mold Grows In Your Home

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Mold Symptoms

Mold Symptoms

Mold is the black and green patches that we sometimes find in dark corners of our homes. It is known to be caused due to excessive levels of humidity in the air, or after water damage to your house. Mold grows and thrives under a moist, humid and dark place.

The primary reason to care for mold is that it is a potential threat to health of the people living in mold infested house. Mold is known to cause many respiratory diseases and it may escalate to a fatal situation for people suffering from allergies and asthma.

There are many ways a house may get infested by mold as discussed before. There might be a leaking plumbing somewhere, from which water has been seeping into the walls and floor. If left ignored, the drenched areas of the wall and floor might be infected with mold.

Also, there might be certain dark places, such as behind cabinets, sofas, or other harder to reach places, where if the conditions are right, might give rise to mold infestation. Mold can be easily identified because of the color, and sometimes smell. The room infested with mold often smells damp and feels stale.

Mold spreads from one place to another via spores they release in the air. The number of spores they release into the air is very high. And hence, it is advised to control the mold infestation before it reaches the sporing stage.

Due to the above reasons, mold removal is of utmost importance. One should try and treat mold as soon as they encounter it. If left untreated, mold can do irreparable damage to household items such as rugs and carpets. Fibers have many layers which make for a good hiding spot for mold spores, from which they grow very rapidly.

Due to the rate at which they grow, most of the times when people find it in their homes, it is at a stage where it has to be professional removed by hiring a mold removal company. Mold removal companies take special care and equipment to rid your home of mold and try and restore any household item that is not too damaged.

There are certain ways you at home can try and treat small patches of mold without contacting a mold removal company. Some of the household items, that are easily available can be used to treat mold patches. But one most exercise caution while treating mold as it poses a threat to health.

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Household items such as bleach, baking soda, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, each individually can be used to treat mold without much danger due to exposure to chemicals. There is one precaution that one has to keep in mind. We should wear protective eyewear and mask to protect ourselves from the spores.

Also, the clothes worn during the treatment, should be washed thoroughly in warm water, to kill any spores that are still left on the fibers of the clothes. It is better to wear a suit, which are made of polyester material that can be worn over your everyday clothes to prevent spores deposits on the fibers.

Professional companies are to be contacted in case the mold has spread to more than one room. Because if the mold has traveled across one room, it might have traveled to many places in your home. This has to be professionally treated, and checked for mold that might be hidden in your house.

Contacting your insurance company to raise a claim during mold restoration can help you financially during the process. Insurance company works together with the mold removal company to give you the best price and the kind of work required for your home.

Mold is dangerous for your family’s health, and it should be immediately treated. Do not neglect it for fungus that will go away on its own. Care should be taken to ensure that concerned people are contacted and your house made mold-free.







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