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Traveling To The USA? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Need To Visit The Lilac City

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Top cities to live in USA

Top cities to live in USA

Forget cliched states, here's a place that you need to see if you're in and around the USA! This wonderful city of Spokane, as it's called, has its name derived from the Spokane tribe. The city is famous for being a popular tourist destination and people also prefer the place for its boundless economic opportunities. If you are traveling to Spokane, there are so many things that you can indulge in. This includes being around nature and enjoying a trip to the future!

People of all age groups can find something of their liking here. In case you are looking for something exciting to do in the city, or planning on moving to Spokane, we are here to tell you the best possible locations to visit on priority. 

A park like no other

Spokane is famous for its beautiful natural domains and parks. One of the most loved tourist places in the city is Riverfront Park. The best part about the park is that it has been renovated and is now the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern architecture. It boasts of trendy restaurants, wine shops, hotels and so much more. The 100-acre park is the best place to marvel at the beauty of the Spokane River.

A sight for a lifetime

If you love everything that nature has to offer, then Spokane Falls can just be the ideal place for you. This impressive waterfall is situated in the business district of the city. There are two important parts of the falls; the Upper Falls and the Lower Falls. It's an evergreen place as you can visit it any time of the year. The attraction is perfect for you to just pack a picnic basket and have a gala time with your friends.

Museums are for the strong-hearted

For anyone who has the soul and heartbeat of an artist, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is the ideal place to be. As the name suggests, the museum is a great hub for thriving artists to get a lesson or two in contemporary arts. 

This space is popularly called MAC if you ask around. One trip here and you can find out extensively about the American Indian culture. It also provides tours for a better understanding and provides an altogether spellbinding experience.

Not just a walk in any park

This is another present for those of you who want to spend all your time amidst nature. Manito Park is a delight for people of all age groups as it is one of the best botanical gardens in America. One of the most prominent features of the place is its Mirror Pond, which very graciously provides an insight into the wildlife around us. It also has a well-known greenhouse that is a hit with environment enthusiasts.

The race to the finish

If you are visiting in the spring season, then the Lilac Bloomsday Run is for you. It is a 7.46-mile race that is held in the city which is open to all. It takes place on the first Sunday of May. This is one of the highlights of the year. People from all over the world come to witness this race and many other events take place around it. Spring is the most celebrated month for the lilac city.



This city is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places to visit in The States. It has the best of both worlds with its new-age architecture and beautiful history. The city has innumerable stories to tell about the Indian American culture with its beautiful heritage places and museums.

There are a lot of natural places to visit that are perfect for you if all you want is a getaway from your mundane life! Hey, if you even feel like this would be a great place to live, you can read up to know how to land a great deal from the open houses they keep having. Happy exploration!







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