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How The Color Of Your Office Impact Productivity And Mood

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If colour has the ability to change our mood and according to studies, it can impact our productivity and energy. Choosing the right colour for your workspace or office space is therefore crucial in creating a conducive working space. 

According to a study done by the University of Texas, gray, white, and beige induce sadness in women while men feel the same towards orange and purple. Moreover, we have associations with certain colours with how we relate to them in everyday life. For example, blue induces a good feeling because we often associate it with the blue skies when playing outside during our childhood. 

Let’s take a look at how certain colours can impact productivity and what are the best shades you can use for your office.


Green is gentle on the eyes. It produces a sense of calm and peace, similar to nature. If you observe yourself being in the forest or taking a walk in a park, the greenery can calm your mind and provide a sense of relief. Green also relates to growth and fresh air. 

Incorporating green or inserting greenery into your working space can do wonders for your mood and productivity. During a stressful situation, green can help you pause and relax. If you have employees who are working long hours, putting shades of green can help with their productivity and reduces the sense of fatigue.



Red is a strong colour. It is often associated with passion and love. However, the function of red in working space can be beneficial because the shade increases heart rate and blood flow. It makes you feel energized and alive. Red can jump-start your day into action. 

You can paint red for spaces that require physical activities such as gym or workout studio. Red promotes movements and competition. It is important to note that too much red can heighten aggression so balance is important.



Blue is also inducing a sense of calm because it is often associated with blue sky and the water. Aside from the calming effect, blue helps with deep thinking and being logical. The colour has a significant impact on the mind and helps in improving productivity. 

An office that is painted blue helps employees think clearly and stay calm. Blue will help you concentrate more and stay focused on your tasks. For those who are prone to anxiety attacks, shades of blue can help. Paint a wall or have blue-colored accessories on the desk.



Another colour best in helping with productivity is orange. The combination of yellow and red gives a sense of activity, enthusiasm, and endurance. For those who are working in a creative field, orange is your colour. The colour gives a sense of freedom and happiness which are two important emotions for creatives. Because oranges can lift your mood, it makes you able to stay creative longer and reduces the sense of depression or anxiety. However, using it as an accent is better than painting the whole wall with the colour because some people may dislike the strong colour.



This bright colour is known to lift up our mood and is often associated with sunshine, warmth, and joy. It brings out energy and life. Yellow induces a sense of happiness as well as movement thus a well-loved colour for many creatives. 

It is perfect in working spaces such as studios for musicians, designers, and creators. Yellow helps your creativity to flow and encourages collaboration. If you want to create a more positive office space, incorporate shades of yellow but avoid painting a large space with the colour because it can be painful to the eyes and agitate people. Use it as an accent. Too much yellow can make the room feel noisy so balance is important in creating a conducive environment. 



Lighter than red, pink is also associated with love but in a more tender way. It gives a sense of gentleness and sensitivity. A study done by Alexander G. Schauss in 1978 showed the impact of colour in regulating mood. A temporary holding cell was painted pink, and after 15 minutes, the inmates were seen to significantly experience a reduced amount of aggression. Pink has a tranquilizing effect and can be used in spaces where you want to promote a more caring, fun environment. 


To Sum Up

People respond differently to colours because of factors such as cultures and personal experience but in general, colours play an important part in our lives and we may not notice their effect on our mood and mental ability. 

Taking advantage of the power of colour can help us improve our productivity at work and improve our mood. Knowing that colours have an impact can help you decide what colour to use in your workspace and other rooms in the building. 







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