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How To Bath Your Dog

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Depending on your dog, bathing may generate two extreme reactions – your dog may LOVE it, or simply HATE it.

Nevertheless, it is something you have to do regularly in order to keep your dog healthy. How often you have to do it depends on what type of activities your dog is involved in.

Contrary to belief, you do not need to give your dog a bath every time he gets a bit muddy. Just remove any dry mud with a brush, and probably stand him in a basin of water to wash its feet. Wash your dog only when it is needed though if your dog starts to smell, it is a good indicator that it’s time for a bath!

If your dog is not a big fan of bathing, try washing it outside using a spray attachment on a garden hose. Many dogs love to play in the water spray so this may get him to like the process. Otherwise, you can always use your own bath or shower but make sure the water is not too hot or too cold regardless of which way you go for.

To start of, wet your dog all over before applying shampoo. Use a proprietary dog shampoo or any specific/dedicated ones if your dog has a skin condition and gently massage into the coat. Take particular care around the mouth, eyes and ears area – like humans, you do not want water to get into them.

During the process, talk to and soothe your dog to reassure him. Pat and praise him when he behaves well – this will give him encouragement. When you are done shampooing, rinse very thoroughly to make sure there is no residue as it may set off a reaction or throw the balance of the skin off otherwise.

Finally, rub your dog vigorously with a towel to get rid of the excess water. You can use a hair dryer if you want, but remember to set it on a low temperature. For those that bath outdoors, your dog will naturally shake off the excess but if it is cold, it’s best that you bathe him indoors and make him completely dry before letting him outside.

So there you have it – the process of bathing your dog. Typically, it is not necessary to wash a dog more than twice in a month but this is subject to different pups. Too much washing is bad for the dog’s skin.

If yours go to a dog daycare centre though, this is not something you’d have to worry about as you would have the professionals taking care of it. Make sure that you check with your facility if they offer such services first though – not all will bath your dog automatically. We highly recommend checking Mr Woofles out if you are on the hunt for a good and reliable dog daycare centre!



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