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Repairing Dust, Fume And Ventilation Systems

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The repairing and maintenance of these vital systems are often overlooked and neglected but should be a priority in the home or workplace. Often in manufacturing, the fumes and dust can be quite toxic and workers should not be exposed to unnecessary risks, the health of workers should be the number one concern of employers, not only the morally correct thing to do but also from a business point of view. Each year countless days of productivity are lost due to illness caused by poor repair and maintenance of dust and fume extraction units. This results in the loss of productivity and loss of revenue for the business.

A ventilation system for the home is important and can help to maintain the health of the occupants of the dwelling, especially children. With security in mind, just leaving a window open at night or a door during the day time depending on where you live may not be a good idea, and installing a good ventilation system may be the best option. If you already have a system installed in the home or workplace make sure a regular maintenance schedule as dust extraction parts do wear out and filters need to be regularly changed or cleaned ensuring the units work to their full potential.


Home Ventilation Systems and the Benefits

Whilst not only being important for people’s health by drawing out dust and other unwanted particles within the household a good and well-maintained ventilation system can also help to prevent damp occurring within the cavities of the walls and also help to save money from repairs that will need to be performed. Often consisting of a single exhaust exit system to release the outflow of air it can be connected to multiple extraction units throughout the home and are relatively inexpensive to install.

The main areas of the home that ventilation is commonly used are the kitchen and the bathroom. Whilst these rooms do not produce toxic or harmful dust or particles the smell from cooking a nice home-cooked meal can linger and depending on what you are cooking it can overpower the whole house or apartment. Having a ventilation system installed in the bathroom is equally important to help to stop condensation and potential mold issues. 


Removing Dust Particles From the Workplace

By removing dust particles from a work environment you help to ensure that worker’s health and safety is greatly improved and the costs of machine maintenance are reduced. Some examples of the benefits of installing the correct extraction system include:

  • Increasing productivity.
  • Having a greater quality product produced.
  • The continued health of employees and helps to avoid long-term detrimental health issues.  
  • The reduction of time lost due to machine repair.
  • Creating a more pleasant environment for office workers and shop floor workers.

With the dangers of being exposed to dust and fumes created in a place of work now universally recognized throughout the world employers now have a legal duty to ensure that the ventilation systems protect the workers and help to ensure that they are protected from harmful substances.


How do Extractors and Ventilation Systems Work?

The main reason for extraction is to help remove particles being produced within the workplace and the most commonly used is a hood, placed above or nearby to where the work is being done. Using a centrifugal fan to create negative air pressure and remove dust and fumes releasing them after passing through a filter before exiting to an outside space that is no longer affecting the quality of air. 

There are many different systems and filters that can be used but some are only good for certain tasks. Choosing the correct one to ensure that the maximum effect is achieved is essential. Different speeds, type of filter used, and size all determine whether it is suitable for the job you need it for. For certain manufacturing processes that can contain flammable fumes or dust particles, it is essential that the extraction and ventilation systems are regularly maintained and when needed to be repaired without delay preventing fire damage and the safety of workers.  


Repairing Dust and Fume Extraction Systems

Like any other system designed they are prone to malfunctions, electronic and mechanical devices that work tirelessly will inevitably endure stress and need to be repaired from time to time. This should only be carried out by somebody who is qualified in extraction or ventilation repair to ensure that the job is done correctly. 

Maintenance is key to helping keep systems running at their optimal best. A regular inspection schedule should be strictly adhered to and not neglected. Particle extractors and ventilation systems can appear to be working normally but are in fact not performing the way they should, it is hard to tell if they have problems, and without proper maintenance and potential repairs it will put the worker’s health and safety at risk.


The Benefits of a Good Ventilation System

It is hard to overestimate the importance of good and proper functioning ventilation and extraction units in the workplace and at home. For the workplace, they can help with many production issues including:

  • Maximizing Profits: Certain systems can help to recycle the waste materials and make them something that can be reused or sold ensuring no waste.
  • Productivity: With proper ventilation systems and extraction units being installed they can help reduce machine repair costs due to a build-up of dust and other by-products that can clog machinery and stop production whilst being cleaned and potentially repaired.
  • The Legality: As discussed above it is essential that employers take the seriousness of ventilation and extraction as one of their main priorities to help ensure the safety of the workforce. Laws are in place for a reason and must be adhered to, with fines and the closure of business a very real possibility.
  • The Quality of Products: A high quality of the finished product is essential to compete with other businesses and dust and even fumes can affect the final product, having fully functional ventilation and extraction system can prevent the build-up of dust and other harmful substances can help with maintaining quality. By not maintaining and repairing the units can be detrimental to the business.

As with most industrial and home equipment, it is important to only have them repaired by qualified and experienced professional personnel. Even if you think you know the problem with the ventilation or extraction units it is still better to have an expert repair, it may help save money in the long run and people’s health.



Many people take for granted home or workplace ventilation and extraction systems to help ensure their quality of life, there is a lot of hard work that goes into the production, installation, maintenance, and repairing of these products. The main purpose of a good quality unit is to protect human health and make home and working conditions safer for us all. Without them, many people would suffer an illness that may take years to develop and have now become irreversible such as Cancer or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Ventilation and extraction units are something that we now take for granted but the importance of repair and maintenance is something we should not.



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