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How To Buy A Car Online In 5 Steps

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Car Keys

Car Keys

Frankly put, we currently live in an age where technology reigns supreme.

From washing machines to smartphones, humanity has made considerable feats in improving our lives, and the sky’s the limit at this point!

Could you imagine conversing with your friend in Australia in the ’80s, just by a click of a button?

Or how about shopping online for your favorite clothes and gadgets?

Undoubtedly, no other situation comes close to the acceleration of the digital revolution than the corona pandemic.

Businesses and employees sprung into online platforms in a heartbeat after realizing the immense power of online presence.

Some businesses were indeed late to the party, but many still found the opportunity to showcase their services and products online quickly.

Car dealerships are now witnessing a shift in customer behavior and are looking to establish their presence digitally.

For example, Tesla has wholly transformed the purchasing process for their customers by going fully digital, i.e., you can now make a car purchase at a kiosk or home lounging on your couch. And the price you pay for the car is the daily price of that vehicle as there is no room for negotiation.

If you’re thinking about buying a used car online get a pre-purchase inspection from Dubai and have all the knowledge about the buying process. Read on to clear up your mind and make a well-rounded decision.

1. Decide on a Budget

If you stumble upon a website that has over 1000 cars in its showrooms, you’re going to have a difficult time deciding on what to choose. 

Hence, before admiring that silver Honda, open your laptop and start jotting down the costs in a spreadsheet.

The main costs you need to consider are the total cost of your new car, insurance, car loan interest, maintenance fees, and fuel.

That might seem a lot to take in, but without careful planning, you can face financial troubles in the long run.

If the car’s price is around $30,000, don’t just consider the monthly payments and close the book. Think about the yearly interest rates that are also going to be added to the total price.

Can your wallet handle it?

Though it might be enticing, you’ll be better off settling your debts at first than drowning in vast piles of debts in the future.

Furthermore, if you still have debts you need to pay for your current vehicle, it’d be a wrong financial move to purchase a new one. Repay everything you owe and then start your purchasing process.

After setting your budget, ensure you get a pre-approved loan from a trusted authority, either a bank, credit union, or a reputable company that provides microloans.

Dealers will notice that you’ve got the financial backing and would rush to give you a benchmark price for their best-selling cars.


2. Look for the Right Model

Looking at pictures all day and falling for adverts can complicate the buying process.

Let’s say you’ve got your eyes on a Toyota 4WD Crossover. The color attracts you; the size looks perfect, but what about the car’s mileage?

When choosing a model, do your due diligence and understand your needs.

If you live and work in a metropolitan city like NYC or work remotely in a suburb in LA, it makes a difference on the car you wish to purchase.

For example, some cars require more maintenance and upkeep than others, and it can be handy to have a trusty auto repair in Bellevue to call in case of emergencies.

Also, heavy traffic jams every day will waste more fuel than an occasional trip to the city. So, doing your homework is crucial before jumping to make a purchase.

Moreover, an up-close view of your desired car can also impact your decision. Sometimes seeing the pictures and specifications online are not sufficient enough. 

Thus, you can head to a local car dealership to get a better view and even request a test drive. However, remember not to make any deals at this point since you’re just getting a feel of the vehicle. Nissan Navara can be a good choice for you.


3. Make Use of Car Deals

Car dealers will offer special deals if they want to sell a specific car that’s reached the end of its product cycle or if sales are not meeting their expectations.

These deals can be in the form of cash rebates. For instance, if a car costs $25000, a car dealer can offer a cash rebate of $5000 to whoever wants to buy that vehicle.

Other deals include low-interest offers that reduce or eliminate the interest on car loans or subsidized leases that lower monthly payments.


4. Search at Multiple Dealers

Let’s assume you have a migraine and ask doctor X for a diagnosis. He tells you to take pain medication every time you feel it.

However, when you contact doctor Y and ask for a solution, they tell you to stop pulling all-nighters every day and start sleeping at least 7 hours.

Eureka! Doctor Y solved the problem in a week!

That’s why asking for advice or laying down your options can be applicable in many areas, including your car purchase.

Hence, look for your vehicle at multiple local dealerships instead of just sticking to one. Sometimes one dealership might not have your desired car in stock, while another can book it for you through an online application process.


5. Chat Online with Sales People

There’s nothing more annoying and tiresome than having to spend the majority of your day at a car dealership.

Salespeople can be hovering behind you as you seek to avoid eye contact while watching the cars.

Worse yet, there will be this added pressure to make a deal on the spot instead of calmly analyzing the pros and cons at home.

For this reason, car dealers are now resorting to incorporating chatbots on their websites so that customers can ask questions whenever they want.

Moreover, sales teams are present online to help customers decide on their purchases.


Final Protip: Keep in mind to answer vaguely if a sales rep asks you about any trade-ins. Right now, you should focus on getting answers about the type of vehicle they sell, the price, and if it’s in stock or not.

Also, if you’re looking for a used car, make sure the dealer provides you with the vehicle history report. You don’t want your car to end up in a landfill after a year or pay exorbitant maintenance fees.







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