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Why Do You Need To Seal Quartzite Countertops?

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Why Do You Need to Seal Quartzite Countertops?


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dekton countertop

Quartzite has quickly become a favorite among most home builders due to its exceptional design and similarity to marble. However, it is a more budget-friendly option and makes sure that the durability is increased dramatically. However, many kinds of questions pop up in the minds of people who wish to use quartzite countertops in their homes.

When considering quartzite, many people may wonder how to seal quartzite countertops. If you are also seeking the answer to this question, this article is for you. If you want to learn more about which stone countertop is best for your home, visit Caesarstone.

What Is Quartzite?

This type of sandstone is created as a result of pressure and heating that occurs under the earth’s crust. The extreme amount of pressure and heat of the metamorphism allows the quartz grains to compound. This is also what makes them become tight and interwoven with one another. As such, the result is a solid, robust, and compact quartzite.

This type of stone is organic and provides a glossy style; this is what makes it such a beautiful material. That is why many professionals tend to recommend this material. Pure quartzite is also primarily found in grey or white colors. That is why it is essential to look at the various exotic shades available for you.


Do You Need to Seal Quartzite?

Yes. Your quartzite countertops do need regular sealing. The hardness of quartzite allows it to be resistant to scratching and etching. But this does not mean that it is not susceptible to staining. But if you opt for bi-annual sealing, this might help your quartzite countertop to remain in good condition without any inconvenience. If you want to care for your countertop, make sure you opt for a stone sealer. Although most quartzite countertops are available pre-sealed, it generally wears away after some time. That is why, if you want to ensure its durability, it is important for you to spray a good amount of stone sealer from a good brand. This will work like magic over the entire countertop. So, you need not worry about anything at all.


How to Seal Quartzite Countertops with the Best Sealer

Any good sealer will provide a layer of protection for your countertop. It will help prevent any damage or permanent stains. This is most important for people who heavily use their countertops each day. Another essential thing to note is whether the sealer is of good quality. The sealer must also be easy enough to use without any inconvenience and should last for as long as six months without any issue.

Generally, when learning how to seal quartzite, suitable sealers are made of natural wax, acrylics, and polyurethane. These are easy to apply on the countertop and also quick. The sealers work like magic in keeping away any liquid.

You can use the sealer either as a spray or wiper. Once you do that, let it dry on the countertop for some time. This is when it starts to do its job correctly. Whichever sealer you have will have its instructions given at the back. Make sure you follow those instructions precisely to leave no stone unturned. We promise; it will help you.


Does The Quartzite Countertop Require Additional Care?

Now, the sealing of the quartzite countertop must occur twice each year. But that is not all. You must also do enough to maintain the quartzite countertop properly.


How To Clean Quartzite Countertops?

Now, what you need to understand is that the countertop does not only require cleaning. You also need to focus on making it shiny enough to create a lasting impression when you want. Using the right natural stone cleaner like the countertop cleaner will effectively do its job. It should help remove the grease, grime, and other problems without any failure. This is especially important if you have kids over at your place and you are preparing meals. Since these things are the most accessible ways to create a mess, cleaning your countertop becomes essential for all the right reasons.


Should You Go For Quartzite Countertops?

Most people think that quartzite countertops might not make the most practical option due to their sealing requirements. But did you know that they are highly durable and helpful when in need? Yes, quartzite is suitable for many uses, and we highly recommend you purchase it from a reputable supplier.

So, why are you waiting? The diverse range of designs, patterns, and colors in these countertops are sure to make you come back for more in no time at all. These countertops will make you happy like never before because of the exceptional design style and services they have to offer.