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How To Clean Your Swimming Pool

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Remove floating debris and brush the wall

I think you have all the tools you need. Get all the ingredients you need before brushing the wall to remove debris from the surface

Check if you have a telescopic stick. Most pool cleaning equipment must be equipped with this type of handle, so ownership is valuable. You should clean the stick first to avoid water contamination.

Another important tool is the screen. It is a small mesh device, which is fixed at the end of the extensible rod. It is used to remove leaves and other debris from the surface of the water. Like all pool maintenance equipment, the screen needs to be cleaned before each use.

Make sure you have a specific brush. It allows you to clean swimming pool walls, ladders and steps. Bridges can hold dust and dirt; Then wash them periodically to make sure they are clean.

Use a screen to free the water surface from dirt. The first stage consists of the removal of foreign residues found in the water; If performed daily, this operation allows the surface to be free of contaminants.

To get started, attach the screen to the telescopic pole.

Collect all debris with the net. Leaves and other plant material often fall into the water of outdoor swimming pools. All you have to do is use the net to collect every foreign company on the surface.

Brush the walls and ladder. When you remove any visible residue from the water, use a brush to clean the edges, metal ladders or steps included in the floor. You should do this on a weekly basis. Attach the brush to the extended pole and use it to rub on hard surfaces; If necessary apply a little pressure to remove dirt. Remember that where water circulation is reduced, such as ladders, attention is required.


Uses aspirators

Choose a swimming pool vacuum cleaner. This tool is used to clean the floor. There are several models based on the type of pool and individual needs.

There are three types of automated devices. Suckers are not recommended because they can accidentally suck on rocky objects, causing damage to the pool’s filtration system. The pressurizers attach the filter to the return flow and remove the residue from the filtered water, capturing it in a removable bag. However, you need to have a filtration system installed for this type of device. One of the most efficient model automatic and robotic; It is an independent unit that runs along the pool floor and collects dirt. The main disadvantage is the cost.

You can save money by using a manual vacuum cleaner. This tool is available online and in hardware stores and pool equipment stores. It should be equipped with instructions for assembly and use.

Install the vacuum cleaner. Once you have chosen your suitable model, prepare for the pool. Most of these tools are equipped with a user manual.

Generally, the brush of the manual aspirator should be fixed on the telescopic pole and then gently dipped in water.

Garden hose should fit in your swimming pool. Make sure you have removed all the air inside the pump before fixing it in the pump supplied by most vacuum cleaners. If you leave it on, you can ruin the pump.

Vacancies should always have a guide manual from the manufacturer. If you have any doubts about the use of the pump, call the customer service number, which should be shown on the packaging.

Use a best pool vacuum for algae at least once a week. Many bacteria and debris accumulate at the bottom of the pool; Such cleaning should be done at least once every six days to maintain proper hygiene and safety situation.


Chemical Management

Check your pH level. There are chemicals inside the pool that help keep it clean; Problems such as climate and pool use can change its value. You should check the pH of the water at least 3 times a week to ensure safe swimming.

You can buy a pH measurement kit at a swimming pool supply store. Before you buy a product you need to read reviews of different brands to make sure you are choosing a reliable kit. After you select the tester, use it to monitor the pH.

The ideal pH value of a swimming pool should be between 7.2 and 7.6. If you identify a number that does not fall within this range, add a substance to increase or decrease the acidity. The amount needed to bring the pH back to the right level.

Check the filter. You should make sure that the area around the filter is free of dirt and debris. Check it for deposits, foreign substances and other residues. If you notice an obstacle, remove it.

Add chlorine sanitizing tablets. You can buy them at hardware stores. They slowly dissolve the chlorine and kill all the bacteria present in the pool water. You should follow the instructions in your tablet package for this. You should also keep them in skimmers, floats, and automated devices to release chemicals to make sure all of these ingredients are sanitized.

Consider performing a shock treatment. During the procedure a very powerful cleanser is added which kills all the bacteria released by the hair, urine and sweat. If you are concerned about water contamination, consider this solution.


To clean a very dirty pool

Remove all visible debris, including the screen. If the pool is very dirty, the place where the water has turned green, the work is more demanding. A note for newcomers: there is probably a layer of foam above the surface of the water; In this case, the skimmer should not be used, otherwise the foam mixes with the water, making the situation worse. It is better to use the screen that you can buy in the hardware store.

Adjusts chemical levels. A very dirty swimming pool is full of unwanted bacteria. You will need to change the chemical level until the water is safe again.

Make necessary changes by checking the pH of the water. Using a product that raises or lowers the pH until the correct value is found will probably take a few days and a trial and error process. In addition to substances to increase and decrease the pH, you need to add an alkaline product. Keep in mind that a good pH level for swimming pool water is between 7.2 and 7.6.

Do a shock treatment. The pool can be very dirty and you need to add a few liters of chemicals within a few days of the water being safe to swim again. Start with 12-16 liters, the next morning check if the water has changed color, milky, light green or clear. If you do not notice any change, add another 12-16 liters and wait 24 hours. Repeat the process until the water changes color.

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