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How To Create A Perfect Interior For A Couple: Best Ideas

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interior white room

interior white room

Love makes a cottage a castle. But when it comes to arranging a joint nest, even the most loving couple has to go through disagreements and disputes. How to arrange a joint space and keep peace in the family? We found at least ten answers to this question.

1.   Who is in charge of renovation: 5 principles of teamwork on a family interior

Often a problem point in a couple’s relationship is the arrangement of a common home. In most cases, the size and plan of the apartment do not allow allocating separate rooms for both Russian brides and the man, in which everyone could create the interior of their dreams. We will show you how to find a compromise and share four effective techniques.

  • Decide on your interior style. Minimalism has no gender bias; women and men like it equally. There are also many fans of the loft-style. Classic interiors also offer ample opportunity to combine masculine and feminine elements.
  • Divide the territory. If you have not been able to decide on a single style completely, we recommend placing gender accents in the apartment: for example, making the living room more masculine, and the kitchen and dining room more feminine. If we are talking about a studio apartment, where even such maneuvers are impossible, combined wallcovering will help. One wall can be decorated in bright colors, but without a pattern, the other — in calm colors, but with a noticeable decor.
  • Add personality. In any apartment, there is a place for accessories dear to the heart, including through the use of auxiliary surfaces. Niches in the walls, hanging shelves, window sills will gladly accept your ficuses, a collection of racing cars, and frames with joint pictures. Walls provide a wide scope for self-expression: on one of them, for example, you can place a huge map of the world and mark the routes you have already traveled.
  • Save space. To avoid crowding, you should pay attention to the furniture that can be transformed at the request of the owners — folding tables or a bed that is attached to the wall and reclines during sleep. It will not be superfluous to allocate a small space in the apartment for a dressing room: in this case, it will be possible to do without bulky wardrobes. Built-in wardrobes are suitable for storing large men’s accessories — fishing rods, bicycles, skis. Small items can be hidden in decorative boxes or chests.
  • Pay attention to the resting area. First of all, it is worth making a choice in favor of calm tones in the design and taking care of curtains of a suitable density, depending on the position of the apartment relative to the cardinal points. Designers recommend preferring many light sources to one large chandelier — then the degree of illumination can be adjusted according to mood. Lovers of custom decor can pay attention to the canopy above the bed. This textile accessory will help create an atmosphere of comfort and intimacy in the bedroom.


2.   When there is nothing to hide: tips for setting up a studio for two

A small apartment is a space that is sometimes difficult to organize even for one person, let alone a couple. To begin with, think over the semantic zones and discard unnecessary furniture — the bedroom, kitchen, and living room should fulfill their functions and not overload the interior as a whole. It is worth thinking about an open plan — you do not need extra walls and partitions, and it is better to make the doors sliding. If we are talking about a very small apartment, we recommend opting for a white finish — it will help to expand the area of housing visually.


3.   Working together: how to create an office at home for two

In recent years, more and more people prefer to work from home — it is comfortable and eliminates the need to spend time traveling to the office. However, for a couple, where both are freelancers, the question inevitably arises: how to equip two workplaces in an apartment and not interfere with each other? If working at the same table is not your option, or you are afraid that you will distract each other, it makes sense to move one workplace to an alternative area, for example, to the kitchen. Here you can use either the kitchen table or build a small workplace into the corner of the room.


4.   Strength and tenderness — the perfect balance: 5 tips for decorating a bedroom for two

It is not so easy to arrange the interior of a bedroom for young spouses, especially if the newlyweds have different tastes and do not coincide in their views when it comes to the ideal interior. To come to the long-awaited compromise, use our tips.

Create an interior that reflects your tastes and interests

For example, your favorite floral print does not have to be present on wallcovering, curtains, and bedspreads — it will be enough to buy pillows with such colors. And sports awards and certificates dear to his heart can be creatively decorated on a wooden stand because it is not only convenient but also beautiful.

room interior for couple

room interior for couple

Choose simple and functional furniture

Furniture is the crucial element of the interior, which often creates the atmosphere and determines the style of the room. That is why you should give preference to functional furniture of simple shapes and soft colors. This solution will suit both men and women, and will also allow you to experiment with interior decor.


Combine items from different styles

Do you have a weakness for crystal chandeliers, and your partner cannot part with a modern chrome-plated steel lamp? Leave the disputes and do not rush to put your treasures in a distant box — if they are not made in the same style, this does not mean at all that they will not be able to become part of the same interior. Just find a place for each item and place them in different parts of the bedroom.


Decorate the interior with basic accessories

As you know, accessories are also divided into masculine and feminine. To find a compromise in interior decor, choose paintings that both of you like. Landscapes and still lifes, as well as abstract painting, are perfect for decorating the interior of the bedroom. Also, the walls of the bedroom can be decorated with your favorite pictures in a stylish framework — this solution will surely please both spouses.







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