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How to Cut Corian Like a Pro! A Comprehensive DIY Guide

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How to Cut Corian? If you are planning to design your kitchen or bathroom countertops, one of the most recommended materials that you should use is the Corian. Specifically, the Corian is a uniquely engineered synthetic material, which the company DuPont created around the 60s. The element came through the combination of the trihydrate and acrylic polymer.

Once appropriately combined, these compounds can become different design, styles, color, and texture. Many house developers and contractors prefer to use Corian not only because of its aesthetics but also because of its ergonomics. Unlike other housing materials, Corian is very easy to maintain and clean. Since it has a synthetic composition, Corian is known to be extremely durable.

Of course, Corian itself enhances the value of your home. After all, it is a premium material that is commonly suitable for high-end infrastructures. At this point, it is appropriate to learn how to cut Corian like a pro. After all, the installation of new countertops is possible without the help of professional contractors. With the right tools and knowledge, you can easily ace out this task.

Learn how to do this DIY cutting project by following guidelines that I have listed below!

How to Cut Corian

How to Cut Corian

As most DIYers and weekend warriors would say, you don't need to become an expert to work with Corian. Just make sure that you have specific types of saws like circular saws and table saws that you can use. Of course, if the Corian that you have is big, you need a bigger platform and tool to deal with it.

Don't worry if the first cut that you can make is not as good as those commercial Corian slabs. The latter has been produced and fabricated by professionals. They have been trained to deal with this material. But if you keep on practicing, there will come a time that you can get desirable results out from your cuts. 

Step 1: Preparations

If you want to cut Corian accurately, your method should comply with the standards of Dupont. They are the one who knows the handling and installation of this material appropriately. According to their manual, you can use the following saws for cutting Corian:

How to Cut Corian

Meanwhile, here are the power saws that you should not use for working with Corian:

  • Saws with ripping blades
  • Hacksaw
  • Saber saw

When it comes to the blade of the saw, here are the requirements and specifications:

  • The edge should come with six teeth per every inch
  • The sharp tool should come from tungsten carbide (experts recommend the triple chip)
  • Made for cutting hard materials such as hard plastics and metal

Step 2: Setting Up the Cutting Platform

How to Cut Corian

It is undeniable that cutting sturdy materials like Corian is difficult due to its mineral composition. Some think that Corian is not a real solid material because of its synthetic contents. However, around 60% of this element is a derivative of bauxite. That's a solid mineral. Meanwhile, the remaining parts are a bunch of resins that act as binders.

To avoid this strange predicament, I recommend that you should use saws that come with a guide such as the radial arm saw. They can allow you to work continuously without worrying about the track of the cut.

However, if you are working with a circular saw, you need an external guide. Therefore, it is appropriate that you make a double fence to contain the saw and the material. Correctly, you can use straight wood or metal objects that are straight and extremely rigid as your fences. Alternatively, you can also purchase cutting guides made for portable circular saws.

Of course, you should also need a set of clamps to hold the material as firmly as possible. You can use C-clamps, wood bar clamps, and spring clamps when it comes to this application. In fact, you can use any clamp that you have at your disposal. 

Step 3: Cutting Process

How to Cut Corian

Once you have set everything, line the back of the Corian slab with a pencil. That will serve as your guide for cutting. Also, I recommend that you place the painter tape on the fences to prevent any damages incurred to this expensive material. Even if you are still going to sand the Corian, it is always better if you minimize the gouges from the get-go.

Always remember that cutting sturdy materials is a time-consuming process. That's why your patience and discipline is necessary here. Experts suggested that you should cut the Corian from its back. That would prevent its surface from chipping. If necessary, have someone to help you in the cutting.

Crank the power saw that you are going to use. Push it slowly towards the surface of the Corian slowly and carefully. If possible, your pace should be slower than cutting wood.

Once the blade of the saw has its grip on the material, run it steadily, following the cutting line that you made. Do this slowly but don't make it like the blade will stay in one place for a long time. Otherwise, gouging can happen, and your precious Corian will be significantly damaged.

If you want to rest in the middle of the cutting, just switch off the saw. Do not remove it from the Corian until such time the blade stops spinning.

If you are done cutting the slab, smoothen its edges through wet sanding. You can take out those unsightly scratches by using a 220-grit dry or damp sandpaper. Do this step thoroughly until you can achieve the desired output. 


Learning how to cut Corian is an effortless process. You just need the appropriate tools to ensure that the cuts you make are straight, smooth, and splendidly clean. Of course, I have to highlight again that having patience is vital to this DIY task. Unlike other materials, Corian is susceptible to being chipped and gouged if you do the job rashly. You don't want any of these damages to take place in the material as it is very costly.

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