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How To Decorate And Upgrade Your Bedroom To Make It Look Better

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decorating bedroom

decorating bedroom

Your bedroom is among the most important rooms in the home. If you want to be able to relax in it, then why not get into the habit of keeping it in great condition? What's more, there are a few choice upgrades that can really make a difference in the space, with relatively little investment. By investing in you can get an appropriate selection of modern lighting, furniture, and home decor.


If you find that your room becomes quickly filled with junk, then it’s time to get into better habits. Tossing clothes onto the floor when you’re done with them won’t be quite so easy when there’s a clothes basket standing in the corner. Storage solutions, like an ottoman or divan bed, will help you to make the most of the available space, and help to keep the visible parts of your room clear.


Upgrade your Wardrobes

If you’re using standing wardrobes, then you might find that there’s a lot of space around the edges that could be put to better use. This goes especially for interior spaces which aren’t perfectly square, like loft conversions and bedrooms with chimney breasts running through them. The solution is to go for a made-to-measure wardrobe that’s perfectly built for the available space. You’d be astonished at how much extra room that this buys you!


Identify and Fix Problems

If there are any major blemishes or mechanical problems in the room, then don’t delay fixing them. If the door squeaks, then break out the WD40 and fix it. If the skirting board has a dent in it, then smear on some wood-filler and sand until you’re satisfied. You’ll feel better once these problems have been addressed, and they’re not hanging over you any more.


Change your Sheets

Your bed is, naturally, the focal point of your bedroom. And your sheets are the focal point of your bed. Changing everything around can therefore have a substantial impact on the overall look of the room. When considering a change in bedsheets, you’ll want to consider not only your personal taste, but the rest of the décor. If the walls are purple, then you might consider purple sheets, too – but then, you might also consider yellow ones. If in doubt, consult the colour wheel – and be aware that blacks and whites pretty much go with anything.



A lick of paint will freshen up any bedroom, even if you’re not changing the colours. Generally speaking, you’ll want to pick a lighter, more reserved shade – as these will better reflect the natural light that you need to wake up in the morning. What’s really important, though, is that you pick something that you like the look of, and that you won’t get sick of after a few months.