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What Parts Of Power Tools Are Made From Die Cast Aluminum? What Makes Die Cast Aluminum The Best Method To Produce These Tool Parts?

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Although research suggests that over 84% of die-cast aluminum components are manufactured for the automotive industry, it is not uncommon to find die-cast aluminum components in other industries. One example of this is power tools we regularly use in construction and even in DIY projects. Keep reading below to find out what parts of power tools are made from die-cast aluminum and why die-cast aluminum is the best method to produce these tools:

What You Need to Know About Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum die-casting is the go-to process for most industrial projects, but what is it? The most basic description of this process is to fill a mold with molten metal in such a way as to press it into any shape you’re trying to create.

The process starts with casting the mold itself. Two molds that have been machined into the correct shape are used to produce the mold. These molds are then filled with molten metal. Once this is complete, the two halves are pressed together. Molten metal is forced into the space between the molds. When the metal has cooled down and set, the mold is opened, and the finished product is released.


What Parts of Power Tools are Made from Die Cast Aluminum?

Many people are surprised to learn that die-casting is one of the best methods to use for making metal parts. With the right casting tools, the pieces and the shapes you can create out of these materials are almost limitless.

Power tools often contain die-cast parts. Here are some examples:

  • The casing of the power tool
  • The body of the power tool
  • Brackets
  • A circuit breaker box and cover
  • Regulating valves
  • Motor housing
  • Triggers
  • Trigger Guards
  • Safeties


What Makes Die Cast Aluminum the Best Method to Produce Power Tool Parts?

Die cast aluminum parts can be found in a range of different products, for example, gears, locks, toys, hooks, door handles, and power tools are all commonly made of die-cast aluminum. But what makes die-cast the best method to produce power tools? Here are some of the reasons why die-cast aluminum is so popular:

  • Components are durable so they last a much longer time
  • Compared to other methods it can provide complex shapes within closer tolerances, thus guaranteeing a perfect shape every single time
  • It can be used to produce complex parts that have more than one function
  • Little to no machining required
  • High rates of production
  • Compared to other casting methods, die-casting can produce parts with thinner walls
  • It can be used to mass-produce identical parts in a shorter time frame
  • Holes can be created to fit tap drill sizes based on a mold
  • It can reduce assembly costs
  • Aluminum castings will not corrode over time, thus making the power tool even more durable

While there are several benefits of using this method, you also need to be aware that die-casting is a high-volume production process, so your part requirements need to be large enough to offset tooling costs. Simply put, the process is only useful in the event that it is used in mass production of parts through molds.

Die casting is one of the quickest and most economical forming processes. Although die casting is most commonly used in the automotive industry for large-scale production, it is also used in other industries around the world, such as for power tool parts. It is a truly exceptional way of creating a wide range of components in a short space of time.


What Is Die Casting?

Die casting is a process that is used to create several household items. In fact, you surely already have several items in your home that were produced with the use of casting. In die casting, a metal is used. Several options are available for the metal utilized, including zinc, tin, copper, lead, silver, brass, bronze, and, of course, aluminum.

The preferred metal is aluminum. It is easier to use in die casting because it is highly accessible and is widely available at cheaper rates. Some examples of items created with die cast aluminum include pans, pots, baking pans, skillets, and several other kitchen tools. Die casting is preferred for such items because they can withstand use in high temperature settings while offering really high durability.

Besides cookware, aluminum die casting is popular with outdoor furniture items like tables, gliders, and chairs. In this case, they are preferred because they are much easier to maneuver thanks to them being lightweight than regular iron furniture.

What might surprise you is to see the use of aluminum die casting for the creation of ships, boats, rods, radiator tanks, pistons, and even housing. Sometimes, even gears, including compressors, are created with aluminum casting, mainly because of the durability aspect.


High-Pressure Casting Process

As die casting is performed, molten metal at high speed is injected inside a mold. This is done only under high pressure. A horizontal high pressure machine used for casting guarantees a complete mold closure. Classification is based on what closing force is utilized. The force can drastically vary, reaching measurements of up to 5,600 tones with Italpresse Gauss machines.

Based on metal used, an injection system used to fill molds can be cold room or hot chamber type. In die casting done through hot chambers, metals are held inside die-casting machines. This allows an easy introduction into containers and moving happens through a forceful push handled by an injection piston.

In a cold-room die process, metals are melt-processed inside an oven. Then, the melted metal is transferred to the holding oven. This is where it is injected inside the mold after being poured inside a container.


Final Thoughts

Die cast aluminum is a very useful process used these days for the manufacturing of several items we are already familiar with inside our home. This does include power tool components that take advantage of the fact that the process creates really durable components. Parts of power tools made through aluminum die casting last longer and can get the job done better.



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