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How To Disinfect Your Home?

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Having a whole year go by with more than half of it spent indoors was pretty hard. However, the pandemic taught us the importance of disinfecting both our bodies and our environments. Although it might seem effective, using sanitizer to wipe surfaces isn’t a feasible method. It is important for you to find ways to keep your environment clean and germ-free. We’ve provided you with a guide on the best practices to disinfect your home.

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Disinfecting vs Cleaning

Cleaning is an intricate process that we use to remove visible dirt and matter from different surfaces. When you clean, you’re only removing the dirt your eyes can see, not killing germs and other microorganisms that may be harmful.

However, disinfecting is the process of removing germs from your environment with the aid of different products and technologies. It’s usually done after cleaning the surfaces.


How to Properly Disinfect Your Surroundings ?

Disinfecting requires the use of tools that can sterilize an environment.  These tools include, bleach, disinfectants, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and purifiers.

Most disinfecting agents are capable of reducing the spread of viruses in an enclosed space, but they don’t always completely negate it.

To properly disinfect you need to do the following:


Step 1 : Use Wipes to Rub Down smooth surfaces.

For tables, wooden chairs, desks, and other smooth surfaces, disinfectant wipes can be used to remove germs. They come with the added advantage of also being able to clear any invisible dust off your flat surfaces for you. It makes it easier for you to rest on such surfaces or place items without worrying about their exposure to germs.


Step 2 : Spray Disinfectant spray over the environment

Germs don’t just settle on surfaces, there are also germs in the atmosphere. You can use disinfectant spray after cleaning surfaces within a room, as a safety measure.


Step 3 : Purification of Water and Air

It is important to set up measures to prevent germs from going airborne after disinfecting. This is why you need air purifiers. You can set up a portable UV purifier for fresher air and to reduce the risk of germs spreading via air. They help to prevent germs from dwelling in your atmosphere which reduces the risk of you spreading them. You can also get purifiers for your water if you suspect that there are impurities contained in it. This is because water and air are two popular mediums for the spread of germs and diseases.


Step 4 : Use water treated with bleach/antiseptics to clean floors

Bleach is an effective disinfectant. Because of its acidic nature it’s capable of killing germs left on surfaces. However, as effective as it is, it also has a horrible smell not suitable for the environment. An alternative to using bleach, is using antiseptics or disinfectants in the water used to mop your floors. With this method,  you can kill germs in your home and also curb the spread of infectious diseases.

Finally, humans can be a pretty effective medium for carrying germs, so it is important to ensure that you wash your hands when you return from the outdoors and also take proper care of your personal hygiene.







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