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6 Drain Problems You Should Know In Advance

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Homeowners get pretty uncomfortable and feel frustrated when they suddenly realize drain problems in their homes. What makes the feeling worse is that you are not able to point out the root of the problem. This guide highlights the common drainage problems. Furthermore, you’ll learn the potential issues affecting your home’s drainage system.

Signs of Drain Problems

It’s not relatively easy to guess whether your drains are experiencing the problems we’ve looked at earlier. Therefore, we’ve put together indications that show your house has drain problems. These include:

  • Sinks and also other spots around your house emit foul odors
  • Any unusual noises emanating from toilets, sinks, or other pipes, like gurgling
  • Drains are overflowing or backing up.
  • Mold is a problem in your home.
  • Patches of lush, green plants grow at random in your garden.
  • You have stagnant water in the house.
  • In the garden, some puddles aren’t draining.
  • Slowly emptying pipes
  • Foundation cracks or unexplained settling
  • An unexpected insect or rodent infestation on your property


Who Should Fix Drain Problems?

Whether it is your responsibility to fix your drain problem depends on the location of the problem. As a homeowner, you only have to maintain and repair the issues with the drains and lines located within your property boundary and house. Therefore, if the clogged drain or damaged pipe is within the said area, you will call someone to fix the issue.

When the pipe with the problem or the drain is outside the said boundary, say it is a public sewage pipe. Or it could be a pipe shared between you and your neighbor. In that case, it is the responsibility of the local water firm to repair it. You need to contact the company and report the drainage problem for this to happen.


Fixing Ordinary Drain Problems

It is pretty understandable that people want to fix their drain problems in their homes by themselves. However, we recommend exercising caution when employing DIY methods available to you. We also recommend that you avoid using them again when they fail in your first trial. Trying failed tests over and over could cause you accidental damages.

Likewise, if the drains have been damaged, or say, your situation demands more measures than you can offer, consider calling a professional plumbing service to perform the task. Besides this being the best option, you also keep your property and business safe from potential dangers. It also guarantees proper and practical solutions while maintaining the fixing costs at the lowest possible rates. Plus, if you get an experienced firm, they can employ various methods, including trenchless drain repair, hydro-jetting, and chemicals for drain cleaning for complicated drain problems.

Fortunately, there are many plumbing service providers available in your area for assistance. They can come over to your house to inspect the situation at whatever time of day. Once they find out the specific drain problem, they’ll fix it right away using various effective repair methods to minimize the disruption in your home. So, if you’re looking for plumbers specializing in drain repair and maintenance, you may check out some information from and other similar websites.


Clogged Drains: The Most Prevalent Drain Problem

The most prevalent drain problem you are likely to face in your home is blocked drains or clogged drains. It happens when something other than water finds its way into your drains. Clogged drains are often the result of the gradual accumulation of pipe-unfriendly objects or substances. But there’s also another factor- say, something big like your child’s toy finds its way into the pipe, it will immediately result in an immediate blockage. Things like cooking fats, oil, and grease that you wash down your kitchen sink, trapped in the small food substances, can glue together, causing huge mass overtime- for months or years.


1. Cause for Clogged Drains: Silt or Mud 

Say you have a clogged drain problem outside your house. There’s a high probability that the clog could result from a buildup composed of silt, mud, or leaves. These might have found their way into your drain system during the heavy downpour, storms, and during winter and autumn in the last months.


2. Cause for Clogged Drains: Cracks in the Drains

Pipes are often exposed to damage over the years resulting from general damage and ravages of time. Weather and earth movement are the major contributors. As a result, drains develop cracks and fractures in the joint area, which suffers minor damage than along the different pipe sections – these experience greater damages. When this occurs, the result is sewer water, and waste begins to leak into the basement floors (if your property or business has one) or the property grounds.


3. Cause for Clogged Drains: Limescale or Rust 

Rust (also called limescale) can accumulate over the years in your drain system. When this accumulation occurs, the inside of the lines shrinks because of a decreased diameter, causing restriction of water flow. You should expect the same result if you have employed cast iron pipes in the drain system. Cast iron pipes are known to contain corrosive iron, resulting in rust and lead poisoning.


4. Cause for Clogged Drains: Drains Collapsing 

As years go by, hard wear in your lines often increases and worsens. If you do nothing to correct the system, the damages can result in drains collapsing. When your sewer pipes break, the water damage can be extensive. The resulting flood will spread throughout your home, ruining and staining everything in its path. It won’t just ruin your day; it could threaten your health. Early detection is key to fixing the issue before you find yourself with a serious problem.


5. Cause for Clogged Drains: Open or Displaced Joints

Ground movements can happen due to ground instability, subsidence, and increased traffic levels. When this happens, the effect causes pipes to open at their joints, creating gaps. These gaps give way to sewer water which leaks into surrounding areas.


6. Cause for Clogged Drains: Intrusive Tree Roots

Tree roots often grow while searching for water and nutrients for nourishment. The good news is that your property’s drain pipes can provide for both. Those pesky roots always find a way in. If a tiny root slips in via a gap in the lines, it will grow and get larger, widening the gap and allowing even more roots to find their way in. Eventually, the roots will break through your cast iron pipes and block up the drain system.

Given the information mentioned above, drain problems can be challenging to handle. If these issues are left untreated, it can cause more costly repairs and replacements. To avoid these things from happening, you need to maintain your drainage system regularly and, as a result, improve the plumbing system’s service lifespan. But if your drains are already causing problems, it may be best to let plumbing professionals handle the situation to ensure a more favorable outcome. 



Indeed, dealing with drainage problems can be frustrating. When your drainage system isn’t working properly, the wastewater will more likely back up and result in a major plumbing issue. That said, it’s important to take drain maintenance more seriously. 

But in order to properly take care of your home’s drainage system, you have to familiarize yourself with the different types of drain problems. Thankfully, by keeping this information in mind, you’ll know what plumbing issues to watch out for when it comes to your drainage system. 





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