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How To DIY A Meditation Space In Your Backyard

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There are many different ways to make your backyard functional and beneficial to you and your family. You can either make your backyard a place for relaxation by adding some outdoor decoration such as water fountains, hammocks, pergolas, and a garden, or create a mini sports court in your backyard that would allow you and your family to have fun and do some exercises while playing sports. 

You can also create a DIY meditation place in your backyard for you and your family to use. There are many outdoor decorations available online for your backyard, such as outdoor art, fountains, canvas art, planters, statues, and many more that would help you create that meditation space you hoped for. 

You can also refer to this article to have an idea of how to create your own meditation space in your backyard.

1. Nature-inspired environment

Instilling a nature-inspired environment in your meditation space will help you meditate well and provide the ideal setting for your meditation. Plants can turn any area into a special place that allows any person in the area to reach a state of mindfulness. 

If you have a favorite plant that you think looks beautiful and calm, you can also add it to your meditation area to help you meditate well.


2. Establish an area with four posts such as pergola or gazebo

According to the pagan tradition, to begin a peaceful and calm ceremony, you have to call upon the four directions: the north, south, east, and west. They believed that each direction is correlated with a symbolic element of the natural world. 

Let us start by talking about the first direction, which is east. The east's symbolic element is air, and the east is known by many as the direction where the sun rises. Air represents the breath which means life, and it is associated with knowledge, learning, and curiosity. 

When you want to meditate because you want to learn something, gain some new knowledge, or eradicate your curiosity, meditating while facing the eastern part would help you achieve them. The south's symbolic element is fire, and when you think that your everyday mood and feeling gets cold and dull, looking south while meditating will help your cold emotions warm up. 

Next up is the west, and its symbolic element is water. Meditating in this direction will help you do some self-reflection and self-understanding. Our emotions are just like water, and they can move in quickly and take over a particular space. 

But the area will eventually be filled with the water, and we sometimes forget to take it out of our system, which is why sometimes you get some pent-up emotions that you need to let go of. If you ever want to do that, you can turn towards the west while meditating. 

Lastly, the symbolic element representing the north is earth/soil. Soil acts as the place for the plants to be nurtured and grow on their own. If you feel like you have lost your grounds, you can meditate towards the north.


3. Stones

Stones can really help your area for meditation a lot by inviting some positive energy or Chi. Different crystals give different vibes to your surroundings, such as the ammonites that invite positive energy, rose quartz that allows calming and rejuvenating energy to flow in the meditation area, citrine that improves focus, and celestite stone that improves health and wellbeing.


4. Altar

Any kind of meditation will not be possible without an altar used for rituals. An altar will help you meditate by connecting your body with the spiritual world. This will increase the success of your meditation because your spiritual self can also relax and meditate.


5. Water fountain

When you plan on creating a meditation place in your backyard, you need to include purchasing a water fountain. The flow of water coming from the fountain invites positive energy. The water's sound creates relaxation, which can help you set a suitable environment for your backyard meditation place.







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