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Tips On Installing A Wall Mounted Fireplace

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wall mounted fireplace

wall mounted fireplace

Interior decorations are essential in each household because they can determine what kind of family you have. Your theme and motifs reflect your personality. Either you are perceived as a simple person because of your minimalistic design, or you are jolly because of all the colorful designs you established in your house. 

Many decorations could be placed, but if you want a piece that could give your home a sense of luxury while keeping the whole area warm, you should consider buying a wall mounted fireplace

Wall mounted fireplaces provide warmth and comfort to your house. If you want to install one in your home, then look no more. Here are some tips on how you can install one in your house. 

Installing a wall-mounted fireplace depends on what type of fireplace you want to have. There are different types of fireplaces, and they are installed in similar ways. We will talk about the most common types of wall fireplaces and how to install them. But first, let us answer one common question that applies to any fireplace.

Consider how high your mounted fire should be

If you want to install a wall-mounted fireplace, you should first think of how high it should be on your wall. Most people want to have their wall fireplace eye level from a seated position, and others want them to be the main focal point of their living room. You can place your firewall anywhere you like depending on the installation process.


Wall-mounted electric fires

A wall-mounted electric firewall is the easiest type of firewall to be installed and maintained, but sadly there are no real flames in it, and it doesn't give you the warmth that a fireplace should provide. But if you don't have a chimney and you badly want a fireplace somewhere in your house, then this might do the trick. 

When installing an electric fireplace, the most important thing to consider is that the firebase called the heater must be at least 400mm away from volatile components. After that, make sure to access an electric socket near where you plan on placing the electric fireplace. If you want to put it on that part, but it doesn't have any electrical socket nearby, you can also drill a hole in the wall towards the socket. 

After that, insert the rawl plug in the electric fireplace by drilling some holes using the relevant drill. Hang the firewall into the screws, and the installation process is complete.


Hole in the wall gas fires

This firewall requires a chimney and will have a much more expensive installation cost than the electrical one, but in return, you can enjoy a real flame and have a luxurious design in your house. 

If you want to install this type of fireplace, you have to make sure that your chimney is safe. If there is any sort of leakage, especially when there are carbon monoxide leaks, you should fit a chimney liner first. If you have a traditional class 1 chimney, you won't have a hard time looking for the right fireplace for you because you will have many options since class 1 chimneys are enormous, and you can fit fireplaces with different styles and designs. 

If you want to adjust your fireplace's height and your chimney is regularly open, you have to cover up the existing hole and make a new one with the height that you prefer.