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How To Easily Spot If You Have Plumbing Problems At Home

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Plumbing problems

Plumbing problems

Most people never realize if there are already plumbing problems in their homes. Many times, problems aren't discovered until something goes wrong causing significant water damage. However, there are some places that you can just look to determine if there are any potential plumbing problems brewing in your system.

Here are some tell-tale signs you have got a typical Plumbing problem at home:

1. Faulty Faucets.

A simple drip can drive you to the verge of insanity. The constant, rhythmic tone imprints itself on your mind. you will be able to hear it even after you're away. In a year, one drip per second, that is equivalent to about 2600 gallons. As the water bill goes up, your patience will soon follow. There are some quick fixes you can do but are they enough?

water tap

water tap

One cheap and easy remedy is to interchange the "O-ring". An O-shaped rubber that adheres to the screw and aids in the retention of the handle. Over time, this ring gets worn out through constant usage of the handle, which is when the dripping starts.


2. Water Heater issue.

In the shower, you notice that the water isn't as hot as it should be. you may also notice dripping water or puddles coming from the fixtures. Your shower may suddenly become cold or there can be noises coming from your fixtures, those are just some signs that you have to contact a plumber to check your hot water tank Kelowna.

Leaks are sometimes the explanation for heater problems, including not having enough pressure. Mineral deposits also cause problems in water heaters. The deposits can reduce the efficiency of the storage tank, reducing the provision of water throughout your home. By the time a tank’s bottom rusts out, there is nothing to keep the water inside. Then you'll notice that the water starts to pour out at an alarming pace, and since it is connected to your main water line, it will never stop until you shut off your main water supply leaving you with a huge cost and cleanup. So better yet, avoid this problem by calling experts in hot water tank Kelowna replacement.


3. Sewer goner.

Perhaps one of the foremost avoided things to do is inspect the plumbing. Back-ups in sewer systems can give off the nastiest of odors. When your main pipe is clogged, it can obstruct all of your other drains. Pouring grease down the drain can be a risky business. It's possible that it'll go down as a liquid but tend to solidify afterward.


4. Clogged Pipes/Drains.

Clogged pipes are another common source of frustration for homeowners. Toilets that are clogged prove too impossible to possess a quick repair. The foremost severe clogs may necessitate the use of a pipe snake or a specialist, but otherwise, plunge away.

Clogged sinks and drains, on the alternative, are often a novel matter. It's tempting to use toxic chemicals for drain cleaners when things get really nasty, but pouring these toxic chemicals down the drain might do more damage than it helps.


5. Toilet Issues.

Toilet leaks are frequently overlooked. An internal leak within the tank is water down the drain rather than a visible mess on your floor. If you will not detect it on time, it will be money down the drain.

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A toilet that's constantly running might waste many gallons of water every day. The rubber flapper is one of the foremost common offenders. they'll lose their shape and fail to seal the tank adequately.


6. Tide pressure.

Low water pressure could be a common plumbing problem in older homes, but the matter can occur in newer homes too. Low water pressure will be caused by worn-out pipes, a buildup of mineral deposits, and other problems. It makes it difficult to rinse dishes and shower. If you would like to use normal water again, solving the matter could be a priority.


7. Hose Bibb problems.

A hose bibb that's exposed to extreme weather conditions is most likely to be damaged from fluctuations in temperature. This can be very true if you reside in a place that experiences frosty winters. Drip, drip, drop. When the temperature plummets, water dripping from your hose bibb is an issue.


8. Sump pump fails.

Sump pumps must withstand lots of rainwater and snowmelt. Employing a suction pump with heavy-duty drainage can prevent or avoid suction pump failure. An improperly installed pump will soon start failing, and power outages can ruin sump pumps. Re-thinking your irrigation situation by consulting Professional Plumbers can prevent this from occurring.

Installing gutters with a sloping pitch will prevent water from pooling against your foundation. If you would like to extend rainwater collection, locate your downspouts off from your foundation, slope the bottom off from your house.


Why Call or Consult Professional Plumbers?

Plumbers are experts in their field of work. What we rarely encounter can be just another day at the job for them. Quick fixes like DIYs and examples mentioned above are all well and good but does it really solve the problem? Do they supply a lasting solution? -No it does not. It doesn't solve the main problem, at best it merely delays it. When doing DIY's there are many things to be considered, and unless you have sufficient skill, tools, and knowledge in plumbing, hiring a Plumber will not only ensure that that the problem was addressed but also let you save money in the long run, not to mention avoiding unnecessary mess.



Making sure your home is safe is one of the most important things that you can do. For you to know if there is a problem in your plumbing system, you should conduct a plumbing inspection on your house. This can help you ensure peace of mind and allow you to prepare for any repair issues that may arise down the line.

Plumbing problems can wreak havoc on your home. It is far better to know if there are already plumbing issues developing before something happens that will cost you a lot of money. Taking about 15 minutes to check for problems will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.







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