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Roofing Tips From Local Contractors For Longevity

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Our homes provide us with warmth and comfort; however, there are aspects of home ownership that can be overwhelming and challenging as well.  With all the responsibilities associated with the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is not hard to neglect the most vital exterior essentials that provide protection for the entire interior space of the home. 

Although the majority of asphalt roof systems are intended to safeguard the home for approximately 15 years according to Low Cost Roofing, it is recommended by that the roof is inspected two times per year during the fall and spring.  Below are some tips that can be used to ensure that you get the most of your roofing for decades:

Start at the Home-buying Stage

Before the closing date is the ideal time to begin with assessing the roof.  Getting an expert roof inspection prior to when the future home is formally yours will save you from a lot of costly fixes in the future.  This could be a plus if you choose to sell the new home as well.


Clean Gutters and Get Rid of the Leaves

Cleaning the gutter and ridding it of leaves and other debris is an important part of roofing maintenance.  In addition to problematic branches, leaves and other components could clog the gutter system and result in water backing up into the attic, behind the fascia boards or in the living areas.  To make sure the drainage system flows free, it is advised that the roof is cleaned at least two times a year.  Additionally, look out for damaged drain parts or sagging gutters and as needed, repair or replace the damaged parts.


Trim Problematic Trees

When appreciating your home and the encircling landscape, it is vital that you do not overlook leaning branches looking for companionship with the roof; this is because the branches can gouge and scratch the roofing materials.  To prevent puncturing or damaging the shingles, you can just trim back and get rid of any branch that is getting too close to the roof.


Make Sure the Roof is Constructed to Breathe

With improper ventilation, moisture and heat could cause rafting and sheathing to become rotted, insulation to lose effectiveness and roofing materials to buckle.  This will render the overall roofing system ineffective. 


Ensure Insulation is Included

The most effective method of achieving good airflow and proper ventilation is through good insulation.  To safeguard a house against heat loss or gain, it is best to incorporate a gap-free coating of insulation on the floor of the attic and a vapor retardant underneath the insulation close to the ceiling to prevent moisture from getting into the attic.  In addition, it is ideal to have open, ventilated spaces that enable air to freely pass with a minimum of an inch between the roof sheathing and the insulation.


Look for Hints of Shingle Damage

Having been exposed to daily wear and tear from a range of elements, the shingles will become decrepit and get torn off.  This will make the structure of the roof and the interior space susceptible to the seepage of water and rot.  As such, it is highly recommended that homeowners to inspect roof coverings annually to ensure their reliability.


Protect the Roof from Streaking

It is important to pay careful attention to the shade of the roof.  Areas of the roof, typically the northern section, subjected to shade for extended periods of time in moisture, will ultimately become streaked with fungus, algae or mold.  If this is left unchecked, it will ultimately worsen the roofing material, which shortens the life of the roof and could result in leaks and other signs of problems.


DIY Repairers

Individuals who are sufficiently bold to attempt repairing their roof themselves need to keep in mind that going up there could be quite dangerous.  Whenever possible, it is wise to access the roof on a ladder that is firmly braced and equipped with rubber safety legs.  If you make the decision to walk around on the roof, it is best to put on rubber-soled shoes that are designed to prevent slipping.

If the repairs on the roof go outside the scope of a do-it-yourself project, you should ensure that you do some homework prior to calling in a roofing professional.  It is wise to get a minimum of two quotes so you can figure out the best blend of price and quality.  Think quality and not solely inexpensive when selecting a roofing company and this will save a lot of repair costs in the future.