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How To Find Bed Bugs And Get Rid Of Them Quickly

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bed bug

Are you noticing bite marks on your skin in the morning? Bed bugs are unfortunately quite common. They can be picked up accidentally while staying at a hotel or by using public laundry services. Regardless of how clean you are, bed bugs do not discriminate and may enter anyone’s home.

The following lists the signs of a bed bug problem and what you can do to get rid of them quickly. If you’re worried you have bugs, contact a bed bug exterminator Toronto or near you.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

If you’re not sure what you’re dealing with, here are the most common signs of a bed bug problem:


  • Waking up with bite marks

Finding bite marks on your skin in the morning may indicate bed bugs. Bite marks are small and red and usually appear in patterns of straight lines, zig zags, or clusters. They are most commonly found on the parts of the body that are exposed at night, like the legs, arms, hands, neck, and face. Bed bug bites may or may not be itchy; it depends on the person.


  • Drops of blood in the sheets

Like bite marks, you may have woken up to there being small, unexplained stains of blood in the sheets. This happens when a bed bug is crushed while you are sleeping and leaves a smear of blood.


  • Spotting a bed bug

Have you spotted an insect while laying in bed? Bed bugs are flat, brown, circular insects about 5mm in diameter. They can sense the warmth of your body when you lay still in bed and come out to feed when you least expect it. If you spotted one, there are probably many more nearby.


  • Stains on the mattress

Take the sheets off your mattress and look for stains in the seams. Dark, rust-coloured spots on the mattress signal the presence of bed bugs. You may also find these anywhere there may be bed bugs, like the night table, bed frame, baseboards, and power outlets.


Bed Bug Removal

You may be able to remove bed bugs yourself if you catch them early. Take your mattress out of its frame and spray the insects you find with a commercial insecticide. You can then put traps under the legs of your bed and put diatomaceous earth in the cracks of your bedroom furniture. Wash all your clothing at the highest heat setting and protect your mattress with a bed bug mattress cover.

The problem with these pests however is their uncanny ability to hide and to resist store-bought pesticides. Their eggs are also incredibly tough. Baby beg bugs will hatch within a few days or weeks after your initial treatment, and the problem will persist. You will need to treat the problem repeatedly and ensure that no bugs have spread into your clothes or to other parts of the home.

The most reliable way you can get rid of bed bugs is to hire a pest control company. A technician will inspect the infested room and provide a treatment that gets rid of the pests on the spot. The insecticides that professionals use are much more powerful than the ones you can buy in stores and they last for weeks after they are applied. So, if any bugs emerge later, they will perish, too. To get rid of eggs, the technician can also perform a steam treatment.

Another benefit to hiring a professional is the fact that they will come back if the bugs return. Look for a local company with experienced technicians that offers guaranteed service.







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