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How To Find Professional Tools To Resolve Your Electrostatic Issues

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Static electricity is a condition when positive and negative charges are not balanced. According to experts, static electricity can be bad in certain situations. Hence many locations need professional tools to eliminate these minor charges. Here is some important information on how to find professional tools to resolve your electrostatic issues.

Ionising Blower

An ionising blower is a professional tool that can effectively resolve electrostatic issues. Air ionisers flood the atmosphere with positive and negative ions. These ions get attracted to opposite polarity on the charged surface, and the static electricity built on devices is neutralised. You can find various kinds of Ionising blowers at websites such as, like compact and stationary ionising blowers with a hose assembly, and Ionising blower with heater.

Though ionising blowers perform a similar function, their design makes a huge difference in their applications. A compact and stationary ionising blower is ideal for controlling electrostatic charges in semiconductors and manufacturing equipment. Similarly, an ionising blower with hose assembly can be held in hand to resolve electrostatic issues from any surface.


Anti-Static Guns

The anti-static gun features a combination of compression mechanism and piezoelectric crystals to deliver a steady stream of ions from the tip. The device is designed to create positive and negative ions in a cycle. When you press the trigger on the anti-static gun, positive ions are released into the air. When you release the trigger, the anti-static gun releases negative ions; this function allows you to eliminate negative or positive charges on any surface with static electricity.

The static reduction effect achieved by the gun can remain for several hours. It has numerous applications like keeping DVDs, CDs, phonography records, glass, and lenses static-free. The anti-static gun does not need any batteries or does not have any consumable parts. The lifetime of an anti-static gun is around 10,000 cycles, after which the gun needs to be replaced.


Dissipative Brushes

The dissipative brushes can be helpful to resolve electrostatic issues in a simple manner. These brushes have a surface sensitivity of 105 to 1011 ohms which are higher sensitivity than conductive brushes used in a manufacturing environment. The dissipative brush can effectively remove any static charge that results in particles like dust particles to an object. However, you need to use dissipative brushes with a static wrist belt for safety purposes. The dissipative brush is ideal for removing static electricity from computer monitors, microscopes, monitors, balance pans, cuvettes, optics, slides, and films.


Anti-Static Solution and Wipes

The anti-static solution can be sprayed on any surface to reduce static electricity. It is generally used on clothing, tools, floors, walls, chairs, lab benches, and other work surfaces that must be free from static electricity. The anti-static solution is non-staining, but experts recommend spraying the solution on a small area as a part of testing. The anti-static solution can last for weeks to months. It prevents static build-up and will keep your work area dust-free.

The anti-static wipes are ideal for locations or surfaces where liquids can interfere with the sensitivity of the components. You can use anti-static wipes to clean your keyboards, instruments, monitors, and other sensitive electronic accessories like lenses.

To sum up, these are some professional tools that can be helpful to resolve your electrostatic issues.



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