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How to Fix a Recliner Footrest in Two Different Ways

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There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back on your recliner and raising your feet. But there is also nothing more stressful than discovering that your footrest is malfunctioning and is refusing to give you the relaxation that you need.

The sad part is—the older your recliner is, the higher the chances that you will experience this problem. If you do not have the money to buy a brand new recliner, the next best option that you have is to find a way on how to fix a recliner footrest. We have two suggestions on how you can do that in this article!

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Technique #1: Fixing a Stuck Footrest

One of the things that you would want in a recliner is a footrest that can be quickly released and locked into place when its lever is pulled. The footrest should also go back to its resting position when the lever is released. 

If the footrest of your recliner fails to do that and remains in a stuck up position, you can easily fix that with the following steps:

What You Will Need

  • Old newspapers or cloths
  • Lubricant (preferably WD 40)
  • Rag
  • Screw Drivers/ Screw Extractor

Step 1.1: Protect the floor and other materials underneath the recliner.

old newspapers scattered on floor

Before we proceed on fixing your recliner’s footrest, you need to first protect your floor and other materials on the floor by covering them with old newspapers or cloths.

Step 1.2: Loosen the recliner’s screws.

Once you have covered the floor, flip the recliner cover open. Look for the screws. Using your screwdriver, loosen all the screws that are securing the footrest’s metals on the wooden chassis.

Pro Tip: If you are dealing with broken screws that can’t be loosened by a screwdriver, you can use a screw extractor instead.

Step 1.3:  Apply lubricant to the movable joints of the recliner.

Hand holding a lubrication spray can

Spray WD 40 over all the moving joints of the recliner. Using a rag, wipe off any excess lubricant on the recliner parts.

Step 1.4: Test the footrest.

Push the handle to see if the footrest will already be easily released. If it doesn’t, proceed to performing the next method. If it does, you can continue to the last step.

Step 1.5: Screw the recliner cover back.

Flip the chair over and screw the metal of the footrest back to the recliner’s wooden chassis.

Pro Tip: If the original screws of the recliner are already busted, you should consider replacing them with wood screws of the same size.

Technique #2: Fixing Stuck Footrest Adjustment Systems

If the previous step fails, it is most likely that the adjustment system of the footrest is the one that has a problem. This mechanism is responsible for letting the footrest assume a variety of positions. You can carry out the necessary adjustments to make sure that it can still do its job. This method is also recommended for recliners that have 3-position footrest.

What You Will Need

  • New ratchet
  • Metal file

Step 2.1: Look for the recliner’s locking mechanism.

Flip over the recliner and look for the mechanism that is responsible for locking the footrest in place. Most of these mechanisms come in the form of a rocket.

Step 2.2: Disassemble the locking mechanism.

You do not need any tools to remove this mechanism. You can just remove its pins and springs.

Once the ratchet is disassembled, the footrest is already free to go all the way up and down, but its 3-position feature will not be restored.

Pro Tip: If you want to preserve this particular feature, you can install a new ratchet. Another solution that you have is to file and smoothen the ratchet’s teeth until you are sure that the in-between positions are already restored.

Step 2.3: Reassemble the recliner.

Once the locking mechanism is fixed, you can reassemble the recliner by reattaching the ratchet and putting the bar back in place. After that, flip the chair back and try if the locking mechanism is already working.

If you are a visual learner, you may want to watch this video

In Summary

There will come a time when your recliner will disappoint you. If it is already too old, there is a chance that its footrest will get stuck in a specific position and that will undoubtedly frustrate and irritate you. But don’t you worry. This can be easily fixed using our two different ways on how to fix a recliner.

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