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How To Get Leads In Real Estate?

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Real estate investment benefits

Real estate investment benefits

New real estate agents try every possible method to get good leads. Leads are an important part of their job and it is usually the name and contact details of a seller or a buyer. Experienced real estate agents have a strong network and good reputation in the community which enables them to get information about leads quicker than new agents can. Here are some surefire ways to get potential leads for both experienced and new real estate agents who wish to succeed in their industry.

Be different

Do not follow the same strategies all the agents do to market themselves. Think innovatively and stand out from others in your approach. Impress the client with your politeness, expertise in the field and make them believe you are the best agent.

  1. Work on your communication skills and persuasive skills to make people agree with you.
  2. Have good market knowledge and talk to customers about hidden charges, repairs, taxes, etc. to make them believe in your judgment.
  3. Do not stick to the usual template marketing talk and show some genuine interest in their property. Enquire about its history, try to get a buyer who has a similar taste to them or will not damage their long maintained garden.

These steps will establish you as a genuine and selfless professional among other real estate agents aiming only at money and quick sales. It is a great way to get customers and also get referred to others by satisfied clients - bringing in more leads.


Use Social Media

Facebook has a special area to promote houses for sale and rent. Other sites dedicated to real estate agents are also available. Be an active part of these online communities and showcase your buying and selling prowess there regularly. People who check these social media sites and forums will believe you are a doyen in your field and will contact you without hesitation.

Be a member of many such social media groups to post at least once a week about properties. You can also share interesting information about the industry on social media to establish yourself as a master in the field. Leads will come searching for you this way instead of you trying hard to convince buyers or sellers to use your services.


Check the Listings

Homeowners often list their property for sale in a number of places online and offline. Check those listings regularly and contact the homeowners even if their listing is expired. If their property is sold, say ‘hello’ to a person who purchased the property recently.

Tell them you are ready to help them if they don't like anything and they are thinking about moving again. Assure them you can fetch them a higher price than they have invested if they want to see other properties.

If the property isn't sold, convince the homeowners to give you a chance to sell the property. Persuade them to allow you to take control of the sales and start the process once again. Help them do minor changes like adding a yard to increase the value of the property to gain their trust.

If you are genuinely interested in selling their property, connect them to a legal expert who will help them with associated mortgage and taxes. You need not do all the work yourself, but match the homeowner with the right experts who will eliminate the problems in selling the property.

It is a great lead generation strategy as those professionals will help you in return when there is an opportunity. Get good reviews about your service from satisfied customers to post on your social media or review sites, which will increase your reputation and fetch further leads.


Visit appropriate events

There are plenty of local and intercity real estate exhibitions conducted regularly. Visit them or even set up a stall to maximize your network and gain potential leads. Hand out flyers, give pamphlets, showcase your best deals, and post banners of your 5 star rated reviews in your stall. Get contact details of as many homeowners and sellers as possible.

Do not hurry to finish the deals immediately. Just get to know their needs over a cup of coffee you offer for free in your stall. Contact them when the right property they are looking for comes your way later. Do not believe everything visitors say and make sure to cross-check their intentions.

Be aware of scammers and their techniques. Real estate agents are not an exception when it comes to becoming a victim of fraud. You should always confirm whether customers live in the actual area or address they mentioned to come from. Use Nuwber to do that. This step is important in real estate lead generation as you do not want to waste your time on people who are not supporting fair business.


Attractive Online Profile

Most youngsters first search online for property listings rather than approach an agent in person. Maintain an attractive website, pay attention to SEO and ranking top on local searches and advertise online.

Many real estate agents still follow traditional methods to acquire a property. Having a strong online presence with a stunning blog or website, interesting social media activities and happy online customer reviews will fetch you more leads than your competitors quickly.

Modernize your advertising using the latest trends and send your present and future clients regular newsletters. It is a great way to keep in touch and they will automatically refer you when someone in their circle or they themselves want to sell or buy a property, creating several valuable leads.



Be different in your approach, be active on social media and make effective use of online and offline listings to get more leads. Do not ignore expired leads and try to help a customer genuinely to earn good reviews. Make extensive use of real estate exhibitions to build your network and maintain a good online profile to get more real estate leads than your competitors.







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