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Things To Know Before Buying The Best Inverter Generator      

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Standby Generator Use

Standby Generator Use

You've planned a memorable evening. Everything seems to go according to plan when poof! There's no electricity. Is there a way out now? Maybe you're going on a camping trip and will be off the grid but need your power supply. What do you do? Both these questions have one answer: portable, stylish, and powerful inverter generators. It combines the functions of a traditional generator and inverter into one. That's why you must buy the best inverter generator. Here are some things you should know about the inverter generator.

What is an Inverter Generator?

Unlike traditional generators, which are bulky and noisy, inverter generators are smaller and lighter. It is a generator with an in-built inverter. These machines produce AC through the alternator, which is then sent to a rectifier. The rectifier is responsible for transforming AC to DC. The DC is then converted to AC. A microprocessor inside the inverter ensures that this conversion takes place efficiently. The electricity can then be used for various purposes, from running household appliances to powering your camper van. The power that is produced is clean, much like that produced by an electric grid.


Types of Inverter Generators

There are two main types of generators with inverters: closed-frame and open-frame. Closed-framed ones are those that are incredibly compact and quiet. They are silent because of a protective shell that has noise-absorbing insulation. They can power small loads while providing clean electricity, which is suitable for operating household appliances. Open-framed ones, although a bit louder, are still quieter than traditional generators. They can also handle more electrical load.


Things to Check When Buying Inverter Generators


Is Your Generator User-Friendly?

Pay special attention to the user-friendliness of an inverter generator if it's your first time buying it. Check for features like low gas shut-off, low-oil shut-off, and gas meter. Although most ones will incorporate these features, it is better to check beforehand.


How Portable is it?

Although most generators with in-built inverters are portable, the degree of their portability varies from one device to another. They are lightweight because of the small size of their fuel tanks, which vary between 0.5 and 2.0 liters. However, a small tank also means lesser running time, while a bigger tank will last longer. Decide which one is more important to you before arriving at a decision.


Does the Generator have Modular Capabilities?

Even though an inverter generator is powerful enough to run several household appliances, it may not be sufficient to light up the entire household. In that case, you could parallel connection kits for using two inverter generators during a power outage to double the electricity output. However, both those generators should be manufactured by the same company. Not all generators have modular capabilities, so you should check in advance if you have the same models if you want to use this feature.


What Amount of Watts can the Generator Provide?

Just like generators, inverter generators come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Choose a size depending on the kind of appliance you would like to run with it. You could always refer to the generator's manual to know its wattage. A 100-watt one is suitable for TV and bulbs, while a 2000 watt device can power a space heater. If you could go for one with 3000 watts, it can run appliances like a refrigerator. Choose one depending on what you want to run with it.

Try to remember these things while buying the best inverter generator for your home, RV, or camping trip. Being reliable, portable, and efficient, it is the ultimate alternate power system.