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How To Improve Your Health Through Your Home

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There are many things you can do to Improve Your Health quality of your life and take care of your body. While watching what you eat and getting plenty of exercise is important, changing things in your house to promote a clean living space is also crucial. Here are a few things you can do to better your health through your home.

Add or Maintain Appliances and Equipment

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Machinery such as furnaces and water heaters must be maintained regularly to keep those in your home well. Dirty filters push dirt and dust back into the air which can malfunction. Malfunctioning equipment can make you sick or even harm you. You can also install appliances that will improve the quality of your house. Purchasing and utilizing whole house humidifers limits the bacteria that can grow while aiding in dry skin. A purifier screwed onto your faucet provides you with clean water. These tools keep you and your family healthy while you are within the structure.

Keep Dirt and Grime Outdoors


While a little dirt or sand tracked into your house may seem alright, it can actually be a health issue. Along with germs, your shoes can have feces, pesticides, oil, and other toxic substances on them that can be transferred to your hard floors and carpeting. Babies who crawl on it and pets who walk there can become ill quickly. You also can feel the effects from ingesting these. You can prevent this from happening by removing your shoes as you come inside. Set up a special place in your foyer or garage for these. Doing this protects you and your family from illness.

Add Greenery To Your Rooms

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Plants are more than a decorative item for your home. They also contribute to the air quality within the structure. They filter the harmful substances in the air and replace them with clean oxygen. The bright colors can liven your mood and contribute to your mental health. They can also give you a purpose as you tend to them to keep them alive. Their dependence on you to thrive can attach you to them and make you feel important. Setting a few in each room will beautiful the space and help you stay healthy.

Open Blinds and Windows

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Opening your windows when it is warm allows fresh air to come inside. You are able to see and enjoy the life happening outside your home. It also lets stale air that has possible bacteria and toxins in it to go out. The scents from nature can lift your spirits as can the sunshine on a clear day. Set aside time to clean all of your windows with a toxin-free cleaner and a freshly laundered rag or cloth. Purchase and install curtains that allow the rays to come through and are simple to access the latch and frame. Get blinds that have slats that are easy to maintain and utilize. Add these to every room in your house so each space can benefit from this natural source of illumination.

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