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How To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer Heat Without Air Conditioning

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Ceiling Fans Is there a difference

Indoor vs. Outdoor Ceiling Fans Is there a difference

Summer is one of the best times of the year, the sun shines all day, the weather is nice and outdoor activities are amazing. But Summer-time has a downside, the unbearable and unrelenting heat, if you have an air conditioning unit, you can avoid the heat, but for those of us without an air conditioning unit, the Summer heat can be hell.

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So how can you keep your home cool during a heatwave without having to spend all your money on an Air Conditioning unit? Worry no longer as today we have some cheap and effective ways for you to keep your cool at home this Summer.

Keep The Sun out With Blackout Blinds

For those of you who don’t know what blackout blinds are, they’re like normal every day blinds, but made of extra thick material to make sure that no light at all comes through the blind (thus blackout), so investing in some blackout blinds can help keep the sunlight out of your home which should keep your home cooler.

You can go a step further with this too, some blinds companies like this one will offer blinds with a solar reflective backing, which will reflect the light and heat from the Sun away from your window and because of this, your home will be much cooler as it’s not letting heat enter through your windows.


Add Outdoor Shade

As well as blocking heat from entering home through your windows to cool down the inside of your home, by creating extra shade around your property. You can create extra shade around your home many ways, but the easiest ways are to either plant some trees or install some awnings over windows and doors.

These will both create shade on your property allowing the air in and around your home to be cooler. As well as keeping your home cool, these are both great for adding an extra layer of privacy to your home.


Swap A Black Roof For White

Most roofs are black, that is just a fact that when building roofs, the default for a long time has been to use black or grey materials and most of the time, it isn’t an issue, but in Summer time it can be as the black roof will absorb heat from the sun and become much hotter than the air around it and warm up your home.

Whereas a white roof would reflect off the light and heat rather than absorbing it, this can cause an average heat drop of up to 33F (0.6C) which will result in cooler air throughout your home. You can either install white  roof panels or by painting your existing roof panels with a white roof coating.


Avoid using Your Oven

Using your oven or stove will generate a lot of heat in your home, even if you have an oven extractor fan, you will notice the heat in your home gradually get stronger as you cook. If you need to use the oven, try cooking your food in the morning or later at night when it is cooler or have meals that don’t require heating such as salads and wraps.

If you must cook during the day when the heat is out in force, you can still avoid heating up your home by not using your oven to cook, opting to either grill your food outside on a BBQ or cook your meal inside a slow cooker or crockpot will still give you hot food, without heating up your home.

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