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How To Keep Your Washing Machine In A Good Condition 

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washing machine

washing machine

Often, we fail to realize that the machine that cleans and takes care of our clothes needs cleaning and maintenance from time to time. After all, they do the tedious task of cleaning and rinsing our clothing. No doubt, these machines have made our everyday chores a lot easier. So, it would be wise of us to try and keep them working in good condition for as long as possible. Little efforts from our end in maintaining these machines go a long way in giving them a longer lifespan. This article will share some tips regarding how to keep the washing machines in good and working condition for a longer period. 

Deep clean it at regular intervals

All appliances lose their ability to perform well after a point in time. But to prolong that duration, your machine needs deep cleaning at regular intervals. If you live in a region that has hard water, you will notice a scaling due to the micro-residuals present in the water. Your clothes will not come out clean as they used to before if you do not attend to this issue. Opt for a good cleaner that will clean the machine without causing any damage to the machine parts.  


Cleaning the rubber gasket

Rubber gaskets protect our clothes from getting damaged by any sharp edges. They attract dirt from the outside, and the accumulation increases if not cleaned from time to time. 


Use it as per instruction

Well, it may seem funny, but not many of us go through the user manual before we start using a machine or a gadget. If you do not want your appliance needing a washing machine repair service soon, carefully read what the instruction says. Put clothes according to the load capacity. If it exceeds the weight limit, the motor may not function well as it will not rotate properly. 


Make it a habit of leaving the door open after every use

Yes, you have read it right! It might seem weird, but you must see to it that the door of the machine is left open for about twenty to thirty minutes after every use. You may argue that dust from outside may enter inside the machine, but it needs to dry. Else, moisture will attract mold and bacteria in it.


Use the right detergent

The detergent choice depends on the machine you use at your place and also upon your budget. Whether you like to buy machine-specific detergents or regular ones, make sure to choose something that is not too harsh or is heavily alkaline. Such detergents will cause harm not only to your machine but also to your clothes.


Clean the filter

The work of the filter is to gather the dirt particles produced during the wash process and collect them in a bag. Once it is full, it will no longer be in a position to accumulate the dirt, and it will remain in the machine damaging your clothes and, in the long run, your appliance too. So, cleaning it once a week will allow it to function well.



Even after taking care of your washing machine, it may backfire anytime, as any device can do. Do not hesitate to call a washing machine repair center and avail of their service without any delay. 







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