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Tips On Washing Machine Repair

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Washing machine

Washing machine

Appliances are prone to failure and malfunction after consistent use. For instance, washing machines can become faulty after several uses, making the repair process seem bleak and complicated. Washing machine repairs cost between $51 to $350 depending on the local listings.

But what causes washing machines to break down? Several factors may cause your machine to breakdown:

  • Electrical failure- Most washing machines experience electrical faults, which cause them not to switch on. This can be due to several factors such as a faulty plug or socket, failure in the door latch or a faulty standby switch.
  • The machine is not leveled- When the washing machine is not leveled, it might awkwardly tip-off on either side, causing the water to seep out and affect the power socket.
  • Drum malfunctions- Being the most common cause of washing machine repairs, drum issues may escalate to functional damages, which might cause the machine not to spin.
  • Blocked up filter screens- If the inlet or outlet filter screens at the back of your machine are blocked, the machine might cause water to leak during cycles.
  • Faulty door seal- As washing machines age and are frequently used, the seal around the door may become loose and detached, causing a leak.

The above common malfunctions in washing machines arise the need for fast and prompt repair services. However, in these times of Covid-19 uncertainties, it is best to understand the functioning of washing machine repair to solve common problems by yourself.

Starters should understand the machine's intricacies, which will help save you a lot of money and time in waiting for appliance repair technicians. Knowing the general parts of a washer and how to solve quick fixes will help tremendously.

Below are some pointers on how to fix some common washing machine problems:

1. Failure to drain

The washing machine might sometimes refuse to drain off the already used water. This may be an unpleasant experience caused by clogging of the pump by fabric. In case of this, remove the water from the machine and power it off. Remove the front panel, if any, and tilt the machine frontwards to show the pump housing. Carefully observe the pump to ascertain whether there is a visible clog. If there is, unclog the fabric using a pair of pliers. If not, check the corrugated tube leading to the pump for any blockage, by unplugging the tube, draining the water and checking to see if anything is obstructing the outlet of water.


2. Failure to turn or spin

You might notice the washing machine's center failing to agitate or turn when the machine is loaded with water or clothes. If familiar sounds emanate from the machine but no turning, the directional cogs may be broken and needed for replacement.


3. Loud irregular noises

Standard machine noises are easy to decipher. Loud noises during spinning, however, are a reason for concern. Loud irregular noises may indicate problems with the tub bearings, which might need lubrication or repair. The machine belt may also be worn out and in need of repair.


If the above methods do not work, or the washing machine experiences additional hiccups, one can contact a professional technician for repair. The technician will facilitate any repairs and replace the damaged components such as the belt, pump, electric chip, the timer or the agitator.

When choosing to contact a certified technician, consider the repair service's cost and the charges depending on your area. For instance, standard washing machine repairs in the U.K cost between £70 to £170 for repairs. These costs consists of replacements of the pump, motor or door seals.

Some washing machine repairs may deem more expensive as compared to purchasing a new one. Thus, the 50% rule applies to cases where the costs are higher than the intended cost of purchase. 

Certified repair companies can be identified on trusted online websites where they fill out a form stating their requirements. A search is done to identify the available local technicians. Technicians can also be identified through referrals by friends or family, making the whole process affordable.

After identifying the technician, please book an appointment by contacting their offices. Fast response guarantees speedy customer service and reliability of service.

The need for warranties in washing machine repairs guarantees the spare parts used in replacements are authenticated and suitable for the intended purpose. Therefore, with a good technician, your washing machine will be as good as new.


It is possible to observe due diligence and ensure your machine stays in tip top condition. How can you ensure your machine maintains its durability after repair?

  • Use the right and measured detergents.

Establishing the right detergent to use is critical to ensure the durability and efficiency of your machine. For instance, energy efficiency machines require a low-sudsing detergent as compared to the others. Too much detergent is also harmful to be a machine. Therefore checking the required portions from the manufacturer is vital.


  • Wash the machine as frequently as you can

A little TLC to your machine will go a long way in ensuring your clothes smell fresh and clean. Regular cleaning also gets rid of the musty odor and grime that is prevalent after a few washes. Regular cleaning of the machine is dependent on the intensity of the laundry. Therefore, scheduling bi-monthly or monthly washes will help clear the lint and improve drainage.


  • Select your fabrics

 It is essential to wash your fabrics according to their texture. This helps reduce the appearance of lint, which causes the washer to block.


  • Cleaning

Running an empty wash with hot water plus one to two cups of vinegar or baking soda leaves your machine squeaky clean and fresh. The hot water helps break down sturdy detergents that may slow down the drainage system. However, regular washing should only be done with cold washing.


  • Airing

Leave the machine’s door open after each load to air out the machine. Airing helps in preventing mustiness between washes.







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