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How To Find The Right Skirting Style For Your Home

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skirting style

skirting style

Those who are building their modern houses in this era will know a lot about shadow gaps attributed to the “controlled gaps” designed in many modern homes to replace skirting boards and allow movement between the walls and the floors due to weather or imbalances in the structure. These may be trending, but the most popular choice remains the skirting itself.

When getting your own house built or buying a new home and refurbishing it, besides all the other choices in things, you may also need to choose the skirting. To help you out, we’ve put this guide below, together for you, so you can choose one of the materials that will fit best in your setting.

These simple things have many purposes that may be surprising to people https://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/Skirting_boards, such as avoiding scuff marks from vacuuming the floors or covering uneven or untidy joints, and even loose wiring, so having them makes for important improvement in the house. What types of materials do you get on the market? We take a look.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few elements to keep in mind when getting these done or when doing them yourself. Proportions must be considered, in comparison to the wall and the surroundings. If you like in a Victorian home, which typically has high walls or an Edwardian one, you will want to match this with thicker skirting to make it look even, as opposed to a thin and short trimming.

Also, color can be an important aspect. In a Victorian-style house, the colors that will complement it would be browns or maroons, that is sandpapered to make them look like wooden panels. However, if these shades are not available anymore or neither is the design, one can get a glossy white for contrast or clear varnish to keep things natural.

Did you know that skirting can make a small room look bigger if done correctly? When choosing to paint them, opt for a lighter shade than the walls, this will give the illusion of an elongated space and draw the eye upwards rather than downwards, making the small room look bigger.


Types of Skirting

There is nothing quite like having a skirting that is flush with the walls, to add some appeal to the home. This can be achieved without adding any new materials while using two layers of plasterboard with the skirting that will be mounted onto the first one. If you are replacing an old one, you can still use it, as it may not be too damaged or old. You can spruce up the existing one without having to remove it and replacing it.

However, there is a risk of termites or internal damage not visible, in which case purchasing a brand new one from an MDF skirting board shop would be the ideal step to take if you want to play it safe and not have your home crumble to the ground in a few decades.

When choosing the right one for your property, think about the period of the house, what time was it built, if it has been around for a while, is it an Edwardian house, or a Victorian architecture style? This is an important process of thought because when you match the skirting to the style of the house, it will add more value to it and keep it authentic.

If it is modern your choices may be more. This must be discussed with the architect or the designer of the house. Other things you may want to consider are if you have children or pets that will potentially damage the spacing. If however you don’t have kids or pets and want to go all out, you can get anything from a more detailed version, such as an Ogee, Lambs Tongue, Victorian or Reeded design.

A lot of homeowners use tiles as skirting in the bathroom or the kitchen, this can add a creative touch to the open space and look lush. If you keep in mind all the elements that are surrounding the skirting, you cannot go wrong. Either you can mix and match it up a bit or keep it simple and clean with neutral wooden skirting materials all over the property.







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