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How To Maintain Healthy Skin When Washing Your Hands

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Washing your hands diligently is crucial to keep away germs. Unfortunately, it also damages the skin. Even during post-pandemic, people still wash their hands frequently to stay safe. Washing hands is an effective way of preventing infections and contamination. However, not all soaps that people use are safe for the skin. Skin experts have shared tips on how to maintain a healthy skin when washing hands.

Wash Your Hands

Use Quality Soap

Many soaps contain harsh chemicals that leave your hands dry and cracked. Instead, make sure you invest in quality soap that is moisturizing. A luxury hand soap with the right ingredients is gentle and does not aggravate your skin. Try choosing soaps with ingredients like lanolin and glycerin to prevent unnecessary dryness. Additionally, be gentle on your hands when cleaning to prevent damaging the skin.


Use Warm Water

Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds. Doctors recommend using warm water instead of cold since hot water tends to damage the skin by making it dry. It strips off the skin natural oils essential for keeping the skin waterproof. Use lukewarm water and make sure you wash the back of your hands, your fingers, wrists and between the fingers.



After washing your hands, it is best to keep the skin sealed and waterproof. The reason why you should seal the skin is to prevent losing water through evaporation. So, after washing your hands, apply a hand cream which acts as a moisturizer. Instead of lotions, use oils and creams to ensure the water in your skin is blocked from escaping. The good thing about applying a moisturizer is that it creates a protective layer and increases water in the epidermis. It also improves skin texture and provides a soothing feeling.


Wear Gloves

After applying the moisturizer, it is also ideal to wear gloves for about 2 hours. This will ensure the moisturizer does not get wipes off before it penetrates into the skin. It can also be a good idea to wear the gloves overnight for heavy moisturizers. You should also wear gloves during windy and old days to prevent further damage of the skin.


Utilize Skin Balm

If you have a condition like psoriasis or eczema, your skin may become dry frequently. Washing the hands often may result in cracked, raw and dry skin. Experts suggest applying a skin balm on the cracked and sore areas. It helps sooth the affected parts and protect them from further damage. A skin balm is vital, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun.


Switch from Soap to a Hand Sanitizer

If your hands are chapped such that it is difficult to wash them, you can switch to a hand sanitizer. The sanitizer is a good option to give your hands some time to heal. However, do not use the sanitizer before bathroom, eating or when your hands are soiled.

Handwashing is the best way to get rid of germs and infections. However, it is essential to ensure you do not damage your skin in the process. Use quality soap and warm water and make sure you moisturize.







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