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How To Maintain Your Pool In A Good Working Condition

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There is nothing glamorous than having to own a pool in your backyard. It is a source of refreshing, especially after a long busy week.  You will find yourself organizing weekend parties. As you enjoy the service the pool has to offer many a time, homeowners often forget pool maintenance, the most critical element of a pool. Without paying attention to your pool, it will end up with broken filters, green water, algae build-up, among other no luxurious conditions. Sooner or later, no one will want to step into a pool that is a breeding ground for diseases, whether you are just new in the field or have it for some time. This guide will help you maintain your pool in excellent working condition and enjoy your summer.

Change Your Pool Filters Regularly

The pool filters from Mr Pool Man operate to remove unwanted materials from getting into the pool constantly. If left unchecked, filters will wear out and start letting all impurities, including leaves, all sorts of dirt, name the rest. Have a routine maintenance program to clean the filters. Once in a while, when the filters are not in use, remove the cap in the pool deck and remove any debris. Make this a regular cleaning habit after every one or two weeks. Spare your time once a month to clean and unblocked pipes that supply water in and out of the pool filter. The backwash is an ideal method to clear the lines. It is a simple and straightforward thing bit if you find it difficult, look for someone who understands how to operate the pool filter to help you backwash. Once you backwash the machine, turn it on and let it run until clean water comes out. 


Maintenance Water Level

Water is made up of a pool; otherwise, it would be a useless thing in your yard. The water level in any pool counts a lot more than anything else. It would help if you took note of the water levels, especially during heavy rainstorms. Try to maintain the water levels halfway up at the skimmer opening. Add water if you notice a drop in water level. Many people find it easy to use a garden hose when filling the amount pool. What can you when water levels are way past the recommended levels? Drain the excess water using a pump. You can rent one from a home improvement store near you. Once you feel that you have attained your desired water level


Regular Scrubbing and Skimming

Skimming can help you remove any debris or leaves from the water surface. For better results, a daily skimming program is what you need to have. Alternatively, you can acquire a robot vacuum from Mr Pool Man to help you clean the bottom of your pool. The price varies depending on many factors.  Besides skimming, scrabbling the sides of the pool can help you reduce algae build-up. However, it doesn't need regular work, unlike skimming. You can get away scrubbing at least once a week. Keep an eye on the pool and act upon it as soon as you sport any growth to keep your siding looking fresh? However, there are always stubborn sports requiring you to apply chlorine a few minutes before scrubbing.  Chlorine help by eating away algae







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