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What Is A Good Budget For A Kitchen Remodel?

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Refrigerator under the kitchen stands

Refrigerator under the kitchen stands

The kitchen is an essential part of a functioning house. It's where all the tasty dreams come true. A good kitchen is one that is elegant in style and is designed with the thought of making your work more productive. It has accessible cabinets of varying sizes and styles to accommodate the different types of utensils and kitchen accessories. It has properly functioning sinks and smooth slabs.

If your kitchen has become worn out and needs remodeling, you are probably already wondering about what the expenses will be. The cost of remodeling a kitchen depends on a variety of factors such as the size and type of kitchen and whether the kitchen is fitted or not. If you go for getting designer brands then expensive appliances, then the cost will definitely be high. If you want to get an approximate value of how much of a budget you should keep before starting your project, then you have come to the right place. This article will help you determine your budget.

Cost of a new kitchen

If you are planning on building a new kitchen, then prepare your wallet because you will need at least £3500 to start with. In order to keep the costs low, you have to shop very smartly. Victoria plum provides kitchen assets for the best price in town. This estimated cost is likely to rise once you have the cost of appliances, fitting, and worktops.


Cost of getting a new open plan kitchen

The size of your kitchen affects the cost of a new open-plan kitchen. If you have to break down walls, install windows and doors, then the cost will definitely be higher. Such additional changes cost way more than the kitchen as well. But if you simply want to remodel your existing open plan kitchen, then the cost will be lower.

It will cost around £3500 and above. However, it is important for you to remember that an open-plan kitchen is comparatively larger than a normal kitchen and consists of more assets and appliances. This is why the cost of remodeling and refurnishing such a kitchen is very high.


Cost of a kitchen extension

The outlook that you have envisioned for your kitchen affects the cost. The more work you plan on doing, the greater the cost will be. You will need to apply for permission to expand your kitchen from the authorities and get their approval. The cost of application, in addition to professional fees, building cost, and cost of kitchen appliances and accessories will require you to have a flexible budget—a single-story expansion costs around £1400 per square meter. If you plan or extending it more with the addition of doors and windows, it will likely cost around £2000-£2300 per square meter.


In a nutshell

If your kitchen is old, the cabinets are falling apart, the roof is cracking, and the floor is ruined, then you definitely need to remodel and refurbish your kitchen. The cost of remodeling your kitchen depends on a variety of factors such as the type of material you choose, the brand you pick, the size and type of your kitchen, decorations, and whether you want to expand your kitchen or not.

But generally, you should have around £3000 in your wallet before you consider remodeling your kitchen. You don't need to empty your wallet for simply remodeling your kitchen. There are multiple tips on how to lower your kitchen remodeling costs that actually work. Do your research before you decide on something final.



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