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How To Mix Colors And Materials Without Overdoing It

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painting baseboards and wall

painting baseboards and wall

Are you looking to create a designer-inspired look in your home? If yes, then you've got some learning to do. The whole interior design thing is fun and interesting. All you'll need is to have a good judgment as you mix colors and patterns.

A well-thought-out interior design is cohesive and functional to everyone. It also balances creativity and intentionality to create a pleasant space. Professional interior designers are good at mixing colors and materials. And this is something that a newbie can also learn. It only takes practice, commitment, and constant improvement along the way.

So, how can you design your space from scratch? The answer is, using the right choice of colors, patterns, and materials. First, you need to understand the basics of interior design before focusing on colors. You should also know how certain building materials impact the room's overall appearance. We've covered the basics of interior design below.

Basics of Interior Design

Before going any further with your design, there are certain things you should keep in mind. First, always think of your space in layers. That will help you break down the entire room into small, manageable areas.

Second, try to create contrast across these layers. For instance, if the flooring is dark, choose a rug with bolder light colors. You can also go for a darker color if you have pets or kids.

Additionally, if the rug is light, the sofa can be darker. Then you can have the walls lighter and the ceiling a bit dark. That said, knowing how to mix colors isn't the end goal. You want to use this to create the intended design. Mixing dark and light colors may not always work for everyone. So, you should be flexible enough to try out other patterns. 

In most homes, color is an integral part of the design. Here you will need to have your judgment right. You may want to refer to the psychology of color in architecture and design. For instance, loud and vibrant tones such as orange and red inspire an energetic and passionate feel. But neutral colors such as gray and white give a more serene ambiance.

Color combination in interior design is quite critical. And with some basics of color theory in architecture, you can improve on your craft. You just need to know what suits where and why. This begins with understanding the roles of different colors in interior design.

Now that you know the basics of design let's move on to something else. And that is how you can mix patterns, textures, and materials.


How to Mix Materials in Interior Design

A typical living room has a variety of materials. When selecting materials, ensure they are helpful and stylish, i.e., in your own definition. Wood objects in an array of tones may work perfectly for some people. Others would go for glass, plastic, or metals. Either way, the overall design should be in harmony with the environment you want to create.

With the perfect balance of materials, you can bring delightful contrast to your interior. For instance, you can combine wooden flooring with some cozy fabrics. Or add some eye-catching metals and glass components for an elegant feel.

The type of materials used during construction may also impact the interior design. When building or renovating your home, an interior architect can be of great help. That's because they can focus both on the technical and aesthetic aspects of your home. And it means you'll use suitable materials that blend with your design goals.


How to Mix Texture in Interior Design

Different materials come with different textures. The goal of interior design is to embrace variety in a non-conflicting way. By pairing metals with fabrics and wood, you get a natural blend of texture. This keeps the room unique and dazzling.

Mixing texture in interior design helps avoid monotony. It also allows you to express your craft while creating an effortless balance. The best way to mix texture is to try different things out. It's more of a trial and error method.


How to Mix Patterns in Interior Design

Mixing patterns in interior design can be challenging. It's easy to go overboard and invite chaos right into your room. A rule of thumb is to focus on two elements – pattern size and color. The right balance of colors gives rise to a pattern theme, an integral part of interior design.

When choosing pattern size, always combine small with large patterns. For colors, use the 60/30/10 color rule to pick a suitable color scheme. What this means is that the primary color should make up 60% of the interior design. Your secondary and tertiary colors should make up 30% and 10%, respectively. Remember, same-size and same-color prints compete with each other.


Closing Comments

Interior design is fun, and you shouldn't try to make it look complicated. Once you understand colors, patterns, textures, and materials, you are good to go.

Apart from adding decorative pieces to your interior, you may also need to pick the right building materials. Here, you'll need to work with the right interior architect. This allows you to customize and inspire your design from planning, building to the final design.







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