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How To Turn Your House Into Stone Style

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stone style house

stone style house

Are you interested in building a house out of stone but don’t know where to begin? Well, good thing you came here because this post explains how you can use stones to build a home.

Stone dwellings have an air of permanence about them as if they have always existed and will continue to exist. Perhaps the pillars themselves convey this sense of agelessness. Many people who opt to build a stone house are probably motivated by the attraction of a residence they saw someplace. After all, there is a certain enticing charm about a house made of stone, and settling for less would be a bland move. 

Of course, building a stone house isn’t a simple task. If, however, you have the skillset and interest, building a house out of stone might be a piece of cake. Still, to help you set the pace, here are a few steps you need to familiarize yourself with so nothing is left out, and you can be able to create a beautiful house of stone.

1. Before laying the foundation, choose the correct stone

Once you have a budget intact, ensure to find a stone that complies with the building rules (ask the vendor for a certificate). It would help if you did this before the foundations get dug, as the stone you pick may vary in depth from back to front – called bed width. 

For instance, some stones come with a bed width of 100mm, while others are available in 300mm bed widths. While laying your foundations, it is essential to have these measures to make the correct calculations. 

Since buying a stone in bulk for the construction of your house can be expensive, it is wise to pick a type that doesn’t break your wallet. For instance, stone veneers can help builders and architects achieve cost efficiencies while not sacrificing build quality. So if this is what you prefer, visit rocksolidveneers.com, and you’ll get enlightened with great offers and discount packages that will help you make the most out of your stone house venture.


2. Find a nice place to start

After selecting a stone, focus on identifying a decent spot and ensuring it harmonizes with the environment. 

Choose an area with solid, well-drained ground because stonework will crack if settling occurs. Also, ensure to plan the space of your house wisely as stone walls are not easy to modify if you tend to change your mind once everything is done and dusted. Therefore, plan your home large enough to support any foreseen needs for more space in the future.

Furthermore, consider the spatial requirements of heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. The key is to plan, so you don't end up regretting and wanting more out of what you hoped.


3. Dig some trenches

Here, you must identify where your walls will be. Since we’re on the topic of ancient technology, ignore tape measures. 

Once done with that, jeer into the ground until you reach stone (preferably about a yard deep). Dig four trenches behind the flat lines of your walls, carving each trench about one yard, meaning thick walls.

Do not worry about digging out the surrounded path inside the trenches yet, as we will cover it in our next headings.


4. Build the walls

When building walls, keep in mind that your walls will contain three coatings: a foot thick wall, an unfilled foot-thick gap, and another foot-thick wall. 

So start collecting some stones from the ground, and then carefully join them together in the trenches you made to create your stone layers. While you’re at it, note that these are stones, not bricks, so there will be a difference in sizes. 

You must know that real stones are never found together, meaning you will have to arrange them very thoughtfully. Keep cramming them up, further and further up, until your walls are as high as you want your house to be. Also, remember that a yard or bigger of your home will be a provocative choice and ensure to leave a gap for the door.


5. Tailor your windows and doors

The perfect way to handle stone well is to design a house with lower walls. Yes, we know that contradicts what they said earlier, but it is more about preference, meaning how convenient your home is.

Make doors and windows tall by spreading them to the top plate, thus erasing the need for lintels. In addition, soak the door and window frames and any other lumber that will permanently contract with the stonework in preservative to avert dry rot. 

After that, stud frames with nails on the exterior and lay them up directly in the forms. Place spacer blocks on every side to prevent concrete from being pushed behind if they are not as thick as the walls themselves. 

Lastly, to ensure everything you attach stays together, use heavy lumber combined with pegged lap joints.



So that concludes our guide to turning your house into stone. These houses are easy to make, at least conceptually. They also remain warm at night. By warm, we mean way warmer than any building material most construction builders use today. Other than that, stone houses blend a cozy atmosphere with a rustic, natural setting, mainly including stones from the site. Just remember to have a plan in mind and follow the above-said ways so you can create a durable abode with plenty of character.







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