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How To Organize Your Home Gym

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Home gym

Having access to a home gym can be a great benefit. First, it gives you better control over your workout schedule. Second, having your own gym allows you to buy only the equipment you will use, whereas paying for a gym membership covers the costs of everything the gym has to offer – even machines and classes you will never use.

However, most personal gyms don’t offer much space, so how do you keep essential equipment on hand without tripping over clutter while you exercise? Consider these simple ways you can organize your home gym.


Go Vertical

Hang your resistance bands, jump ropes, towels and any other lightweight equipment on the walls. If you want to keep it simple, you can place individual wall hooks wherever you want to hang a single item, or you can get hanging organizers that allow you to place a lot of equipment in one space.


Get Shelving

Place your bulkier gear on open shelving, and put storage bins on the shelves so that you can organize and contain smaller items. If your shelves are deep, put them on heavy duty casters so you can wheel the shelving unit out and access anything placed in the back. This setup helps you maximize your space and keep your items off the floor, all while having direct access to everything you need.


Elevate Your Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are great to have on hand, but they can take up a lot of space. Consider storing your stability ball above your head in the corner of your room by using a nail or hook on both of the corner walls. Using those nails, string a bungee cord that stretches loosely across the corner. The thick cord will act as a sort of hammock for the ball, keeping it off your floor but just within reach.


Roll Yoga Mats

When not in use, yoga mats should be rolled up and placed out of the way. There are many types of yoga mat organizers you can use, or you can get creative and come up with your own storage solution. Some people use bath towel organizers to hold their yoga mats because specialized yoga storage racks tend to be more expensive.

Keeping your home gym organized can be fun and cost-efficient. There are many creative storage solutions available that allow you to keep your gear off the floor while expressing your personality through design.