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How To Prepare Your House For Summer

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Summer is a great time for some and some hate it. It all depends on how you view it. However, no one can deny there are a few things that can be annoying about every weather. The same is the case with summer because the sun can do a lot of damage to many things in the household. 

Even if there is no damage, you have to limit a few of your activities and change a little bit of your lifestyle. You might have to deal with some problems if you are not prepared for them. Luckily, it’s not very difficult to solve those issues before they even occur. 

Here are a few things you should do to prepare your house for the summer. 

Install Insulation

The worst thing about summer is the heat. It’s not the pleasant sunlight we enjoy in winter. Summer heat is actually dangerous for human beings and the house. You will notice your house getting too hot even if you are running an air conditioner. 

In order to keep the heat to a minimum and ensure the AC can do its job properly, you should install insulation. It’s a substance that is installed on the roof to absorb the heat. It doesn’t let any heat get inside your house and keeps it cool. 

There are three types of insulation: foam, fiberglass, and cellulose. You should do a little research about them to find which one is perfect for your home. It’s not very expensive and doesn’t take a lot of time to install. 

Depending on the size of your house, professionals can get it done within one day and you will notice a clear difference in the temperature of your house. 


Prepare Your Air Conditioner

Even with the insulation or trees around the building, you will still need a good air conditioner to keep your house cool. You will have to invest in a good air conditioner before the summer instead of waiting for the summer to show its power. 

You should get air conditioner repair services to have a look if you already have one. This will ensure that your device gives its best performance. Besides, the checkup of a professional will ensure that it gets a long life. 

There are several types of air conditioners that require different types of service. You should know what type you are using and what type you should buy if you are getting a new one. Some people use one system for their entire house and some get one separate device for each room. Air conditioners can keep the house both cool and warm. You should prefer to get one that offers both features. 


Use Fewer Lights

The LEDs and other bulbs around the house provide us light, but they also generate heat. You should limit their use to keep the house cool. Their warmth is felt when you sit below them. 

Try to keep all the lights in the house off if you are not doing any activity that requires light. Little light even in the daytime makes your home feel cooler. 

The bulbs in our houses are small and they are not like a heater, but we use them for hours, which is more than enough time to produce a significant amount of heat. 

You might have the AC running, but it means that it will consume more electricity. You should not entirely rely on electronic devices to keep your house cool. Electricity is one of the most expensive utilities and takes a big portion of the monthly income. Turning off the lights and limiting the use of AC will save you that money. 


New Curtains

Every house has windows, which is a good thing. It allows natural light to come into your house. However, you should try to avoid that light in the summer because it brings the heat with it. 

To stop the sunlight from entering your house, you have to get some good quality curtains. They increase the aesthetic appeal of the house and protect you from the heat. 

Make sure you wash all your windows first and then look for a good design of curtains. They should be able to fully block the light when they are open. Keep in mind that the light should not cross through the fabric when you are buying them. 


Clean the Chimney

It’s really important to clean the chimney for the safety of the house. It will cause any heat when it’s not burning, but it can start a fire. 

This does not happen very often but it is recommended that you properly clean the chimney from the inside as soon as the winter ends. There is coal stuck inside the chimney that can catch fire from sunlight if it’s really hot weather. 

This is not something you can do yourself, so you will have to fire a professional for this. Make sure you don’t go cheap here as nothing is more important than the safety of your family. 


Protect Your Pipes

There have been cases when pipes burst due to heat. This can cause a lot of water damage to the house and lead to many other inconveniences. 

It might sound scary but it’s not that big of a deal. You can protect these pipes through a process called lagging. You basically fix a layer of foam around them. If you don’t want to fix them with foam, you should get rid of any vegetation around the pipes that can cause that issue.


Create Shades in the Yard

It’s really fun to sit out in the yard under the shade of a tree in the summer while drinking a cold beverage. However, not everyone has trees in his yard. 

You can set some other form of shade which will also protect the furniture underneath it. This shade won’t be as cool as the tree’s, but you can use a fan or some other cooling device to make your outdoor time more pleasant. 



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