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How To Reduce Plumbing Expenses When Remodelling Your Bathroom

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How to Reduce Plumbing Expenses when Remodelling Your Bathroom

How to Reduce Plumbing Expenses when Remodelling Your Bathroom

For many people moving into a new home the first thing they do is stamp their mark on it. Personal areas such as the living and bedrooms get redone to suit the taste of the new owners. Then there’s the two main rooms that are often given a full remodel: the kitchen and the bathroom.

We’re here to talk about bathrooms and what you need to think about when remodelling one. More specifically, what you should be doing to keep costs down and still get the results you want. There are certain aspects of bathroom renovation that you can look at when it comes to setting your budget that will help you spend as little as possible. Before we give you our top tips let’s talk about where the money is going to be spent.

General Costs to Consider

When remodelling a bathroom there are certain factors that are going to cost you money. These are areas where we will be looking at saving. First, remember that you will more than likely need a local plumber to handle some of the specialist jobs that need to be done professionally. It’s all too easy to try and do something yourself, find you’ve made a mess of it and cause more damage – and more expense! So, find a reputable plumber in your area and then think about the following:

  • New furnishings including a bathroom suite
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Further furnishings such as cupboards
  • Tiling and decorating
  • The floor covering
  • Removal and disposal of old furnishings
  • Any plumbing that needs rerouting.

That’s a list of factors that will have an influence on the cost of the job, now let’s talk about cost savings.


Tips to Cut Costs

Here are our top 5 tips on keeping costs down when remodelling a bathroom.


Review the Hidden Costs

You know those hidden extras that you forgot to include in your budget? Don’t forget them! This is another area in which a professional can give you advice and help save you money. If you’re changing the design of the bathroom then there may be a need to alter stud walls, remove floors, add or remove pipework and more. Then there’s the little things like splashbacks and such, that you might not be thinking about when envisaging your beautiful new bathroom! It’s all about the details, and while a fresh bathroom is a proven way of adding value to a property you want to add as much as possible so keep this in mind.


Use What You’ve Got Where Possible

Take a good look at your bathroom before your start making your mind up. Does the layout work? If everything is in the right place, then why change it? Just replace it – that means you can (in most instances) use the same plumbing that’s already in place. Often the re-plumbing aspect can be one of the biggest expenses so if you can just lift out the old and fit the new in the same locations, you’re saving money. Also, are the fittings really in need of replacement? You might have period faucets, for example, that can be used in the new setting. Consider the tiling too: rather than replacing it, think about painting it or adding transfers. You can get some great effects.


Shop Around

If you look at bathroom renovation trends, you’ll get some great inspiration as to what you can do to make your bathroom look brilliant. But don’t be tempted to buy the first you find. Shopping around for bathroom furnishings and fittings is a must. The competition among various suppliers is strong and they want your business, so if you see something similar at a higher price, see what they can do. Also, consider ex-display stock. It might have a scuff here and there, but your local plumbing and bathroom fitters will be able to make it work and you will find there are some amazing savings to be had on ex-showroom stock. It’s worth setting time aside to visit the suppliers near you and get an idea of when they will be changing their displays and letting them know you’re interested.


Fit What You Will Use

The modern bathroom can be equipped with a whole host of clever, brilliant and innovative gadgets. Fancy showerheads, glass that frosts when you touch it, and many more superb developments that have changed bathroom design for good. They’re great, really, they are, but do you need them? Each of these new ideas costs a lot more than a standard item and many are priced high simply because they are different. Not because they are of a high quality, but for the novelty. Wouldn’t you rather spend your budget on a nice, tiled floor than a fancy shower head or automatic lighting? Think carefully about where your money is going, which brings us to our final point.


Have a Firm Budget

We know it’s boring, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to know your budget and stick to it. You know how much you have to spend on your bathroom, so you can settle back and draw up a list of the essentials – as we did earlier – and then start allocating a portion to each. You may find, for example, that a nice but not too fancy bathroom suite is not as expensive as you thought. Then you can put a bit more into the finishing of the walls and floor. Move your budget around between your various choices and you’ll find a compromise that gives you the best looking and most practical bathroom for your budget.

Your bathroom is a room that is used frequently so you want it to look good, to be usable, and to endure. It’s not somewhere to go over the top but you can still make it beautiful. Follow the tips and ideas above and we’re sure you’ll be able to come up with a bathroom that will please you for many years.







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