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How To Remodel A Small Bathroom Brilliantly: 6 Tips

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bathroom repair

bathroom repair

Most bathrooms were small until a few decades ago-most of them were no larger than 5 ft x 8 ft and contained a tub/shower combo, a vanity, and a toilet. Creating openness and space in a small bathroom may seem challenging. How can you do it without tearing out any walls?

A small bathroom remodel can appear larger than its actual square footage by selecting colors, fixtures, and amenities based on what you have.

1. Lighten up

When decorating a small space, avoid painting the walls dark colors or using contrasting colors. To avoid feeling like you're in a cave, keep the color scheme light-a monochromatic scheme is best. Soft gray is a trendy color scheme right now. Choose colors that bring out a bit more color, like icy blue, seafoam green, warm white, or butter yellow. Together with white trim and cabinetry, these colors open up a tiny bathroom nicely. There are more than eight colors to choose from in light-colored cabinetry.


2. Create the Illusion of Height

It's not difficult to create the illusion of a larger bathroom by raising the ceiling. The bathroom seem smaller; it's best to paint narrower crown molding to match the ceiling rather than a heavy, dark crown molding. Reconsider your lighting choices as well. Hanging ceiling fixtures emphasize the small size of a room, so replace them with recessed lights. Extras? The walls and the ceiling almost blend when using wall sconces that focus light upward.


3. Go with Glass

Although textured glass shower doors offer a little bit of privacy, a clear glass shower door makes the shower feel like it's an extension of the bathroom instead of one that's isolated as a curtain or half wall might. Switch out the tub for a standing shower if your remodeling budget allows and choose one with clear glass sidewalls and a door.


4. Ventilate properly

However, ventilation will make a small bathroom feel more spacious. If you renovate a bathroom, install enough ventilation for your comfort and prevent damage to the paint and drywall caused by high humidity.

Ventilation fans installed in bathrooms provide hot, steamy air expelled to the outdoors through a duct, so they should be added when remodeling. Maintain a sleek and uncluttered ceiling with recessed ventilation fans.


5. Make it reflective

Your bathroom will appear larger and brighter with more light bouncing around. Mirrors, which are intentionally reflective surfaces, are a great place to start. Choose the largest mirror you can fit whenever you have the opportunity to hang one on the wall. A bigger room appears when this is done. Shiny fixtures (like tubs, sinks, and showers), shining countertops, and lustrous tile backsplashes do the same.


6. Install wall fixtures

Wall-mounted toilets, wall-mounted sinks, and floating vanities are excellent for keeping small spaces clean while visually expanding them as well.