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How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Hands the Easiest Way

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If you’ve ever had a Gorilla Glue in your hands, you know that it’s almost impossible to remove. Gorilla glue is not only remarkably strong, but it also binds to skin cells. Let’s explore the most effective way on how to remove gorilla glue from hands.

Over the span of nearly 30 years, polyurethane-based glues, such as Gorilla Glue, have improved dramatically regarding curing time, viscosity and starting solidity. Today, you can have a Gorilla Glue in your hands (or any skin) and have trouble removing it seconds later.

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Removing the Wet Glue

Removing the Wet Glue

Gorilla glue is easier to remove while wet. However, it reacts well with skin cells in a short period. Thus, it’s likely that a thin layer of glue will bind to a thin layer of outer skin cells. Here are some tips on removing the wet glue:

#1 Wipe the glue with a cloth

Although a thin layer of Gorilla Glue can dry off quickly, you have a relatively large chance of removing the glue from your hands soon after you had them. Depending on the elapsed time since it made contact with your hands, you can remove a significant amount of the glue enough for it not to be a discomfort for you.

#2 Exfoliate


Gorilla glue binds with the skin cells. Thus, you can’t remove it without taking a part of your outer skin cells. If it hurts, don’t force the removal of the hardened glue. Instead, let the natural exfoliation of the skin do the trick for you.

If you want to hasten the process, you can exfoliate. One simple but effective way is to wash your hands with soap, water and a mild natural exfoliant such as sugar powder or salt.

#3 Moisturize


After you remove the Gorilla Glue, keep in mind to moisturize. The glue will remove a portion of the outer skin cells and some moisture.

In addition, washing your hands with soap and exfoliating it afterward does not only dry it up but it also removes a thin coating of oil that locks in moisture. Without that outer layer, your skin will lose moisture soon after the water dries up from your hands.

Removing dry and hardened Gorilla Glue

Working with the gorilla glue doesn’t leave you much time to remove it most of the times. For one, you need to clamp up the materials you are gluing first. Or that removing a wet glue will take time and additional effort which may interfere or stall whatever project you are making with the glue.

Dry glue is harder to remove than wet glue. For this process, you need patience. By patience, we mean that you need to wait for days—perhaps 3-4 days—for the glue to be completely removed from your hands.

#1 Exfoliate


Hardened gorilla glue cannot be removed by gentle exfoliation means. You need to resort to harsh methods. For this, you’d need materials such as pumice stone or any rough materials you can use to rub the glue off. You can even use a sharpening stone.

The idea here is to remove an outer layer of skin cells which are bound to the glue. This will loosen the glues hold on the skin and make it easier to remove—or if not, hasten the process.

Here are other means to exfoliate:

● Use a large brush to remove the glue. By brush, we mean the thing used for clothes. They resemble a toothbrush, but they are big (almost the size of the palm) and have large bristles.

● Apply oil and moderate heat. You can apply olive or sunflower oil or any oil-based material for skin. Afterward, apply a moderate heat—one that is not too hot you feel a discomfort. Do this for three to five minutes. This will soften the skin cells and will make it easier to exfoliate.

● Use fruit acid. One effective fruit acid for exfoliation is lime juice. It contains vitamin C will help the skin regrow the outer skin cells that are stripped off.

● Use strong detergent. The best solution is composed of 2% liquid determine, 10% washing soda and 88% water.

#2 Moisturize

The method for removing hardened Gorilla glue is harsher compared to that of wet glue. Not only will it make the skin dry but it will also cause mild to moderate irritation.

Thus, to lessen the discomfort and to keep your skin moisturized, you need to apply a moisturizer to the skin afterward.

There is no guarantee that the glue will be removed in its entirety the first time. If you feel a rough surface on your skin after you tried removing it, and you feel a slight discomfort, stop there.

#3 Wait


There’s a limit to skin exfoliation that you can initiate. Past this limit, you can’t exfoliate without causing injury to your skin.

The best way to deal with the remaining glue in your skin is to wait. Naturally, it will come off in 3-4 days, and your skin will be restored to its former softness.


The excellent adhesive properties of Gorilla glue are not all beneficial—especially if what it’s binding is the skin cells. There are simple methods to remove it from hands but the methods outlined here is not guaranteed to give 100% result.

Rest assured, however, that over time, the glue will be removed as your skin cells shed off. You may not even notice it being there, at all.

In the end, the best way to avoid the discomfort of having Gorilla Glue in your skin is to use protective materials when applying it.

Did you find our instructions on how to remove gorilla glue from hands useful? Do you have any questions, comments or suggestion? Let us know in the comment section below.





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