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How to Remove Shower Drain: Follow These Easy Steps!

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Shower drains are very helpful in keeping your drainages free from falling hair and clogging.

However, when they’re already worn out and hair clogged, you know it’s time to change them. Having the bathroom floor flooding is a huge bother when taking a bath.

If you know how to remove shower drain by yourself, you would be able to save bucks instead of asking a contractor or other people to do it for you. Here’s an easy step by step instructional guide on removing shower drains.

Shower Drain

What Clogs Your Shower Drain?

Before resorting to removing your shower drain, it is essential that you know what causes it to clog up. Aside from the inevitable falling hair, there are still some other factors that may clog up your shower drain.

For instance, soap and shampoo. Even though the soap and shampoo only leave a residue that might be rinsed off with water, with time, it can build up. It can cause corrosion on metal or “stainless steel” shower drains.

What Clogs Your Shower Drain

Or, it can even build up and clog the sides of the pipes. This is turn, makes it harder for the shower to drain by itself. Even chemicals can cause this such as hair dyes, conditioners and what not.

Remember, chemicals have the substance to erode pipes. Eroded pipes, in turn, make it hard for the shower to drain. Some might even give out and burst or leak into the shower, thus flooding the bathroom. And this is what we are trying to avoid.

However, before resorting to replacing it with a new one, or removing your shower drain, you can only try using liquid drain clearing solutions. This can be bought from your local grocery stores or even some convenience stores.

Things You Might Need for The Task

Now, removing a shower drain might seem like a straightforward and direct task. And it is. However, despite its simplicity, there are still some things you might probably need to do this task appropriately and efficiently.

Here are some things you might need to prepare for removing a shower drain:

  • Lubricant - some shower drains accumulate rust, and when they do, it makes them a little harder to remove or pry out from the shower drainage. This is why you can use a lubricant for this.
  • Nose pliers - this can be used to remove the shower drainage.
  • Type Strainers
  • New shower drains - if needed and if you need to replace yours with a new one.
  • Screwdriver - some shower drains are screwed to the shower floor, if yours is like that, you will need a screwdriver.

The Steps

Step 1: Check your shower drain’s condition

If your shower drain rusty or worn out already? Is it going to budge and be removed by just pulling it out? Is it screwed? Or are the screws damaged? Remember, do not force it out if it doesn’t budge in one try.

Check your shower drain%E2%80%99s condition

There is probably a reason or a problem why you can’t quickly pull out your shower drain. If your shower drain is screwed, keep some new screws and a screwdriver at your disposal.

If it has accumulated rust already and is very hard to pull out (despite not having screws), then keep your lubricant close.

Step 2: If needed, lubricate the who shower drain area

Just as we mentioned earlier, if you cannot remove the shower drain with ease, do not be afraid to use a lubricant. Simply pour a generous amount of oil to the affected areas.

However, let it sit first for a few minutes. This will give the lubricant enough time to do its job. Make sure that the lubricant is not going to be rinsed off with water. Also, ensure that your shower drain is completely dry for the oil to be effective.

If needed lubricate the who shower drain area

OPTIONAL STEP BEFORE STEP 3: Unscrew the shower drain first

If your shower drain is screwed, make sure to remove the screws first using your screwdriver. If you see that a screw is damaged, do not try wrenching it out. Instead look for other methods to remove it. So as not to inflict further harm.

Step 3: You can now use your pliers to remove the shower drain

After letting the lubricant set, try to insert the pointed ends of your nose plier into any openings at all on the drain cover. There should be two pliers, so both sides (one across the other) can be lifted up by the pier.

Do this carefully, so you don’t leave a dent on the shower drain. With one hand per grip, carefully twist the pliers to the left.

Step 4: Lift the shower drain

After loosening up the shower drain/drain cover, only lift it up. Make sure to keep your grip light and consistent. Remember, slightly increasing the pressure can leave a dent on the shower drain. Hold it too loose, and it might fall off or not come off at all.

Lift the shower drain

Should you want to install a new one, there are also simple ways on how to replace an old shower drain with a new one. Some can be as easy as following back these steps.

However, if you choose to replace your old shower drain with an entirely new one, then you might need new steps/instructions.

At the End of the Day

Do not be afraid to trust your instincts if you feel like you should remove or replace your shower drain. You know best if taking a bath doesn’t feel as comfortable anymore because of the shower drain.

However, be careful when trying to remove your shower drain so as not to damage anything. Do not force it out if it doesn’t budge.

You can always use a lubricant on it, a screwdriver or pliers. But never force it out. You might just end up damaging your shower floor or the shower drain itself (if you don’t plan on replacing it).





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