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Here are 5 Easy Steps on How to Remove Gas Smell from Your Car

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How to Remove Gas Smell from Your Car? Sometimes, your car starts to smell of gas. That can be caused by a spill that you did not notice, or it can come from the surrounding area. Naturally, you want to get rid of the smell.

There are several ways to remove the gas smell from your car. Some people choose to get their vehicles cleaned through car cleaning services. However, if you want to save money and use your free time, you can remove the gas smell by yourself.

Today, we will introduce you to five easy steps on how to remove the gas smell from your car!

Why Does My Car Smell of Gas

Since your car runs on gas, it is possible that it may smell from time to time. You may leave your car windows open to get rid of the gas smell. However, in some cases, the gas smell does not go away at all.

How to Remove Gas Smell from Your Car ? One of the reasons why your car smells of gas is because there is a spill inside of it. You can often find the spill on the floor or carpet of your vehicle. Sometimes, it might have dripped on your car seat.

In another instance, the gas smell comes from surroundings. When you are at a gas station, your car gets exposed to gas vapours in the air. There are times when the smell of fumes from other vehicles gets inside of your ride.

Moreover, another contributing factor can be the fact that your manufacturers may have produced your car in the 1980s or earlier. The vehicles manufactured during that time often smell of gas when they are parked. That is said to be because of a lesser advanced technology.

Now, if a spill caused the gas smell in your car, then we can help you with this easy to follow steps. Your household should have all the materials needed for this.

What You’ll Need

  • Rags or old fabrics
  • Hot water
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Mixing bowl (or any other material you can use for mixing)
  • Vacuum

Steps to Follow

These steps are easy for you to follow about how to Remove Gas Smell from Your Car . You can quickly locate these items in grocery and stores, or even inside your homes. You might also have a vacuum cleaner that you have not been using for a while.

It is important to note that this process of cleaning is an alternative one. You may still choose to have your car cleaned for car wash services. But if you need to lessen your expenses, then this may be the practical do-it-yourself activity.

Step 1: Find the exact location of the spill and wipe the gas with a dry cloth

How to Remove Gas Smell from Your Car

You need to carefully look inside your car to find where the gas spilt. It is essential to recognise this because it will be your starting point. The area with the gas spill is the leading cause of the smell of gas in your car.

Once you find the gas spill, check if there is a pool of liquid on the surface. If there is a pool of liquid, this means that it has not been long since it dripped. Get a dry cloth and carefully dab it.

How to Remove Gas Smell from Your Car ? Wiping the liquid lessens the chance of more gas seeping into your car floor or carpet. More gas spills can strengthen the rancid smell of gas in the car. If the gas is already dried up, then the stain will be your starting point.

Step 2: Sweep or brush the floor of your car with a broom or a cleaning brush

How to Remove Gas Smell from Your Car

Despite having your windows closed most of the time, dust can still get inside of your car. Sometimes, your shoes or footwear might even bring dirt from outside. Thus, you need to brush the floor of your car first with a broom or a cleaning brush.

How to Remove Gas Smell from Your Car? By sweeping and brushing the floor of your car, you need to remove the unwanted dirt. You don’t want this dust to get mixed with the cleaning solution you will apply to the car later.

Step 3: Mix the hot water, baking soda, and vinegar in a mixing bowl

How to Remove Gas Smell from Your Car

Baking soda is known to be suitable for neutralising odour. Vinegar then helps in efficiently removing the traces of the gas-liquid left on the car floor or carpet. Thus, mixing them makes a good cleaning solution.

You just need to mix the baking soda and vinegar in a small mixing bowl with hot water. On average, you may combine one-fourth (1/4) cup of baking soda and one-fourth (1/4) cup of vinegar. Make sure to mix the solution correctly.

Step 4: Apply the cleaning solution into the affected area with a rag or cloth

How to Remove Gas Smell from Your Car

Dip the rag or fabric into the cleaning solution. Carefully wipe it into the part with the gas spill. Make sure that you applied the substance to the entire surface.

If you’d like, you may clean the whole floor of your car.

Step 5: Use a vacuum cleaner to dry the car floor

How to Remove Gas Smell from Your Car

If you have a vacuum cleaner in your house, use it to wipe the car floor. The vacuum cleaner makes the process of drying the car faster. If you there’s no vacuum cleaner, then you can roll down the windows and leave the car to for four to five hours.

You may also leave the car to dry overnight.

Gas smell? Gone!

The gas smell can cause a headache and dizziness. The moment your car smells of gas, you should get rid of it immediately. Maintaining your vehicle is also maintaining your well-being! With that said, if your ride starts becoming gaseous, even the slightest, use these steps quickly.

If you found this article informative, don’t forget to share it with your fellow car owners. Good luck! 





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