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How To Repair iPhone Cracked Screen

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Repair iPhone Cracked Screen

Most electronic devices contain warranties that cover up the majority of your cost in case of nay serious damage. However, it is important to know the degree of damages that the warranty contract will cover. The majority of the warranty would cover small damages, like the charging port, headset jack, etc. When it comes to software or screen damage, you won’t find much help from the warranty side. Similarly, if you come across a broken iPhone, things might feel like getting ugly. However, it is important to stay calm and follow the following procedure.

  1. Watch out for the broken glass: The first thing you need to do is watch out for the broken bits of glasses. When an iPhone shatters, chances are that it will leave sharp edges of glasses on its way. Hence, rather than getting all panicky and touching the screen, it’s better to understand the situation and act accordingly. The last thing you would need in such a situation is a personal injury to yourself, courtesy the broken screen. To avoid that, you should immediately think about getting it repaired. You may get the best iPhone screen repair service via

  2. Don’t panic: The most common thing that people do when their screen is cracked is start to panic. While this is justifiable considering the investment they have put in, it is high time to stop panicking and calm your nerves. More often than not, people have their screens glass protected. In that case, it is important to see if the damage is done to the glass protector or the screen instead. Make sure that you assess the damage in order to see how to deal with it.

  3. Assessing the damage: This is arguably the most important step in the entire process. Just consider the scene when your screen got damaged. Was it dropped on your bathroom tile or did it went rolling on the ground while you were jogging? Did you have a glass protector on top of the screen or not? All of these answers are important as they will in examining the depth at which the screen is shattered. In addition to it, this will also help you decide which option would suit the best for you.

  4. Finding the best repair option: This can prove to be a tricky stage. More often that not, you will be filled with suggestions from all around. Some would suggest you go to their retailer in the mobile market, while others would ask you to take no chance and go straight to the Apple Store instead. The best thing to do in such a case is to listen to everyone and do what you feel is best. Every iPhone screen crack is different from the other. What others feel is something serious, you might feel is fairly okay. Let’s have a look at some of the best screen replacement and repair options that you can consider.

  • Apple Store: Arguably the safest option to consider, repairing through the Apple Store demands 100% authentic results. There is no better way to fix something than by sending it to the producer themselves. However, the cost might be something worth considering. Something as simple as a screen repair might be worth around $100 to $150. Hence, if there is a slight crack on the screen, then you might want to consider other options.

  • Local repair shops: The iPhone is one of the most common smartphones in the world. Nearly every other guy in the U.S.A would be carrying an iPhone. With such vast reach, there are multiple repair shops opened for iPhone screens too. Some people might not be too comfortable with this option as there is no authentic source taking command of the work. However, if the screen crack is not that deep, then it is preferred to use this option as it would get the job done at a minimal

  • Replacing it on your own: While some people may rule out this option, it is something you can try. With your best friend’s internet there to your aid, it is possible to train on anything possible and give it a shot. Online assistance like IFIXIT can help people in getting a hold of the situation and trying it on your own. However, you need to make sure that you don’t further worsen the situation. This would not only be a demotivation for yourself but would result in additional costs suffered from your end.

iPhone 7 crack screen

With the regular screen crack issues coming up every now and then, iPhone has tried to make necessary arrangements in making sure their customers are treated well. So much so that they might not even charge much for the screen repair. However, some may still charge you big amounts for your cracked screens. Hence, it is better if somehow you try and manage to repair the screen on your own. Here’s how you can do this through these simple steps,

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  1. Firstly, you need to turn the phone off and open up the pentalobe screws on the bottom of the screen. However, as a hazardous measure, make sure the charging is below 25% as it may catch fire in the process. And make sure you are wearing rubber gloves to restrict any kind of contact with the liquid. After taking all the safety precautions, you can proceed with opening up the screen through the screws.

  2. While you may have an idea about the intensity of the impact, it is better not to get too excited in the process. Make sure you tap the glass screen several times to remove all the broken glass pieces. You can also use the overlapping strips to cover the face of the iPhone 7’s display screen to ensure that the glass is contained within it. In case you are still not 100% sure, try to use a handle to life the mobile phone and ensure minimal contact.

  3. Since the surface is extremely hard, it is advisable to use a hairdryer to soften up the base. Make sure you don’t overdo the hairdryer as it might worsen things instead. Then, through the use of a suction pump, you can use a spudger to slowly open up the iPhone 7 screen. Make sure that the suction pump is not placed on the home button as it would create some air.

  4. Once the screen is opened up you see the intensity of the damage. If the damage is serious, then you might have to get a new LCD screen. However, if there are a few cracks that are repairable, then congrats. You have saved yourself a few bucks.


iPhone 8 crack screen

Whenever iPhone 8 was released, it was deemed as one of the most durable glass screens that Apple has ever produced. Having a better camera and amazing graphics, this iPhone really took the people off the hook. However, even the most durable things cannot last for long. Like everything, the more use a device like the iPhone would necessarily indicate higher chances of damage. Does that mean you stop buying the iPhone 8 edition? Of course not. The iPhone 8 screen can be replaced or repaired, based on the damage intensity, though the experts.

The most important thing to do after your iPhone 8 screen cracks up is to check out how the damage occurred, and how deep it is. Often people get all panicky and make wrong decisions in the process. Since it is a luxury item with a lot of technicalities, it is critical to take guidance from the experts before doing anything nasty. Quite often, there is no crack on the screen, but you cannot use the touching sensors. That too is an indication that your screen is cracked up. Hence, rather than banging your phone by your hand in trying to make the touch sensors work, it is highly important that you should it to a technician and get it fixed.

Another important that people should look after is the 3rd party repair shops. In the present day and age, there are hundreds of mobile repair shops around. That in no way means that everyone is an expert in their work or knows how to repair a screen. It is important to first get quotations from all the markets before finally making a decision. It is better to go with someone who has already been tried and tested by your family or friend. You have already invested heavily in purchasing the iPhone 8. You would definitely not want to spend a ton more on the screen replacement. Yes, try and make it economical but in search of cheaper options, do not compromise on the quality.


iPhone X / X Max crack screen

iPhone X is the latest addition to the iPhone family. Having all the latest features, this iPhone edition is definitely a class apart. Hence, it is pretty evident that with the new features and expert mechanism, it would definitely involve a lot of cost too. Since it is the latest edition, people have not yet mastered the art of fixing or repairing a cracked screen.

Yes, you might find some 3rd party screen repairers, but there is no authenticity for them. It is highly probable that they might attach some imitated replacements to your screen that might be good for the near future. For a better and long term fixing, you might want to go through the Apple Care+ Protection. While this may cost a lot more than the third party replacement or any of the previous iPhone versions, it is well worth the investment. After spending hundreds of dollars on the phone itself, there is no harm in spending one or two more in protecting it. Let’s view some of the basic steps that you would have to go through for the screen replacement.

  1. After you access Apple's website, the first thing you need to check is whether you do have some coverage left or not. To find this out, you will have to go to the Support section displayed on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then you have to see your warranty status and see if you still need a warranty or you can fix it on the previous one. Once done, you can no go to the “Check coverage for your product” section to see the coverage available for your iPhone X and iPhone X Max.

  2. The next thing you would need to do is log in to your Apple ID. There might be an ID and password that you might have access to, or you can simply just enter in your phone’s serial number. Since every phone is equipped with a unique serial number, it becomes very easy to identify phones this way. For all those who are unable to find their Serial numbers. You can access it through the following path. Go to Settings > General > About > Serial Number. It will ask the authenticity through a small Captcha test and you’re good to go.

  3. Now the next screen will display the Service and Support Coverage. In case you do not have a warranty, you will have either have to purchase it and then proceed with repairing. Or you can simply bare the repairing cost and then proceed with repairing the screen. However, if you are still under the warranty period, then all you need to go is go the Repairs section and choose the option, “Set up a repair”.

  4. Since there are a number of different repairing options available, you will need to choose which one you’re looking for. And that’s the beauty of it. It doesn’t matter if you’re facing trouble with battery, system performance, or connectivity; the Apple store has got you covered. Since we are dealing with screen damage right now, the next thing you will need to choose is the Repairs and Physical Damage option. This option also has multiple sub-options with a “Screen is cracked” option.

  5. The next screen will display how you would like to repair your phone. Would you like to get assistance via call, bring in the phone or simply send it to the store? Once you have selected the appropriate option, all you need to do is wait for the maestros to show their magic!


So you can enjoy the perfect screen repairing and have a perfect whole phone !



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