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What Is The Science Behind The World’s Blue Light Glasses?

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How Blue Light Glasses Effectively Block The Harmful Blue Light?



The benefits that the blue light glasses provided are unexplainable and can only be understood once you have used these glasses for the comfort as well as protection of your eyes. These glasses not only save eyes from the occurrence of eye-health issues like digital eye strain, weakness, pain, etc., the digital blue light glasses also prevent digital migraine, headache, sleeping disorder, insomnia etc. With such benefits that boosts not only eye health but also the overall health of the people.

So what goes behind the making of these advanced glasses? What is the science that blocks the blue light glasses? How do blue glasses work? These are some of the questions that might be twisting your mind with the thought that how the blue light that is emitted from digital devices, lights etc. can be blocked merely by eyeglasses. Let us understand these glasses in detail. But before that, it is important to understand the concept of blue light also.

What is Blue light?

Blue light is the short wavelength of light rays and forms part of the visible spectrum. Among all the colours that constitute part of the light rays, blue light is visible and makes the sky appear blue. They fall between 400-550 nm of the spectral range.  Therefore, this is the range of the spectrum that is harmful where the blue coloured rays are available.

Digital Blue

Digital Blue

Now, if you happen to block this range of visible spectrum somehow, then you will not be able to see or experience the blue light and its affect.  Thus, blue glasses do exactly the same job. They are well-equipped to understand the range of blue light and effectively blocks blue light from entering the eyes.  By this, it means that the blue light glasses are able to block the spectral range of 400 to 550 nm of light rays. When the blue light is blocked from entering the eyes, we do not experience any effects of blue light and are able to perform our jobs with ease. Therefore, the use of blue light filter glasses can save you from all the perils brought by the blue light.

Can I buy glasses frames online having blue filter lenses?

Buying glasses frames that have blue light filters lenses through an online marketplace is made easy nowadays. However, it must be noted that blue light glasses must be able to block the maximum level of blue light. Eyeglasses manufacturers like Specscart manufacture blue light filter glasses that are able to block 99.99% blue light from entering the eyes. With such a high level of blocking blue light, the digitally advanced glasses from Specscart are produced using the anti-blue X technology.  This ability to block blue light effectively that too up to 99.99% means that your eyes are going to be protected while boosting the vision clarity.

Where most of the manufacturers produce blue light glasses that have a residual tint of blue, yellow, green etc. The anti-blue light glasses from Specscart are crystal clear and do not have any residual tint that is created during the manufacturing process.

Dry Eye Syndrome Because of Technology Usage

Dry Eye Syndrome Because of Technology Usage

Love your old frame? 

You might have been a prescription or non-prescription glasses user and in case your glasses are not blue filter glasses, then instead of changing the entire frame, you may only choose to change the lenses. This is possible through the process of reglazing glasses. Under this, Specscart collects our old or existing glasses frame, replaces the old lenses with the new blue light filter glasses that successfully blocks 99.99% of blue light, glares as well as ultraviolet rays. Therefore, using reglaze glasses you save the cost of buying a new pair and at the same time enjoy your favourite glasses frames with fresh lenses having blue  light glasses 







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