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How To Revitalize Your Home With Professional Brick Pointing By A Masonry Contractor?

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Brick as a building material has a long history and can often be seen on older structures, even historic ones, but it has also been a common choice of masonry contractors for modern buildings. There are many reasons. The main one is certainly that brick is made of natural material (clay), which is durable, economical, and low-maintenance. 

You can find out more about the benefits of this building material below:


The good thing about this piece of clay is that it’s not only used for building structures and exterior walls. It’s highly sought-after as a decorative material for the interiors, and it can even serve as a facade, that is, as extra siding on your building. In any case, quality brickwork will last for decades but it still needs some extra care from time to time.

Besides high-quality building materials, brick pointing, i.e., finishing joints between bricks is also critical for a quality building. That gives the outer walls their final shape, and the home structure gains strength and stability. To last for a long time, these layers need some renovation from time to time, and here’s why.

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Improve Structural Integrity

Due to the daily impact of the elements and other external factors, the mortar that holds the bricks together loses its properties and weakens over time. That leads to the appearance of cracks on mortar joints, which not only look ugly but can also lead to structural damage and damp issues inside your home.

If holes appear on the mortar joints, water can enter through those holes. It may not immediately make visible damage to the structure itself. Still, it will accumulate in brickwork over time and weaken the seals that protect your home. Eventually, water will reach the interior and trigger damp and mold issues. 

To prevent this from happening, timely brick repointing can save the day. Adding another layer of mortar between bricks might seem like a no-brainer. Still, you might rather want to leave this job to a reputable masonry contractor. They know how to reconnect different types of bricks and thus create a perfect seal that will prevent further joint decay and restore the structural integrity of your home.


Boost Aesthetics

Brick buildings have a unique look and timeless beauty. Also, quality brickwork can last for decades, even centuries, with regular maintenance. Unfortunately, the ravage of time is often merciless to building materials, especially the mortar, which should hold these materials together.

Cracks and holes between bricks can spoil the appearance of any building. Repointing gives brickwork a new, fresh look, regardless of the age of the object itself. Professionals remove the crumbling mortar up to a certain depth and fill the gaps with a new mortar layer with enhanced properties. Thus, in a day or two, your home can get a complete makeover and become visually appealing again.


Cheaper than Rebuilding

When one part of your home, for example, brick siding or chimney, is damaged, there are two options: rebuilding and repointing. Which one you choose depends on the degree of damage. Rebuilding is necessary when years of neglect unfortunately take their toll on the brickwork, and repointing doesn’t help. To prevent that from happening, here’s how you should take care of your brickwork.

Repointing is a much simpler, faster, and cheaper fix that can spare you a lot of work and additional costs. If the damage is small, that is, if the bricks are still in good condition and cracks are visible only on the mortar joints, repointing makes sense. This simple masonry work can restore the brickwork look and functionality. What is most important, it prevents further damage that may call for rebuilding, which requires more money and effort.


Cutting Maintenance Costs

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Cracks on mortar joints won’t appear on the entire brick area at the same time. That’s because not all parts of your home are subject to the same external impacts. That’s why some homeowners may be tempted to repair small areas of brickwork at a time. That’s just a quick fix that helps now, but it can create much more damage in the long run.

A much more favorable solution (even though it doesn’t seem that way at first) is repointing the entire brick area, whether it’s a wall, siding, or a structure like a chimney. That’s how you prevent the creation of uneven surfaces that not only ruin the aesthetics of your building but also become weak points with a higher probability of cracks. They have more chances to endanger your home’s structural integrity.


Increase Home Value

This benefit of regular brick pointing stems from all the previous ones. Improving your house’s aesthetics and functionality adds to its value. A good-looking exterior is always a good sign for prospective buyers that they might get a well-maintained property. 

On the other hand, most people would rather avoid undervalued properties that require significant investments, with faulty brickwork as one of them. They don’t want all the hassle around finding a good masonry contractor to fix cracks and repoint the building. Instead, they’ll look for already repaired properties, even if they have higher prices.

Repointing might be just what your property needs to restore its beauty and improve its functionality. It’s a simple and non-expensive masonry work that can make your home look as good as new while also boosting its market value.







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