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How To Safely Remove An Old Swing Set

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Kids love having a swing set in the backyard. But once they grow old, the swing set goes out of use. Over time, it might get rusty and become a potential hazard. So, removing it is the sensible thing to do.

The easiest way to do this, of course, is to call a company that specializes in outdoor equipment disposal. If you want to DIY but are not sure how to proceed, this article has got you covered.


Start With A Plan

Before dismantling the swing set, you need to have a strategy in place. What are you going to do with the wood and scraps? Should you tear it down or remove it as a whole to sell it to a new owner? Finalize what you are about to do before beginning.

If the swing set is still in good condition, you should consider selling it or giving it away. You can put up an ad on Craigslist or eBay to find people who want a swing set. In this case, you can leave the swing removal process to the recipient.


Take Safety Precautions

Take adequate safety measures to ensure the safe removal of the swing set. A swing set is a big structure. So, you have to use heavy tools to take it down. While disassembling the set, several hazards can pop up.

Here are some of the dangers you need to be cautious of:


Splintering Wood

Most big playsets have a lot of wood parts. Therefore, there is a big risk of splintering involved. The old wood could have several pointy edges. Wear gloves to make sure the splinter does not get to your hands. Don’t take the chance even if the wood looks fine.



Since playsets stay outside, they get increased exposure to moisture and harsh weather. As a result, they often become the perfect breeding place for mold. Put on a mask or a respirator to avoid the risk of mold inhalation.


Rusty Nails

Rusty metal parts are another risk factor caused by the outside moisture and air. Besides wearing gloves, you should also cover your arms and legs to avoid scratches. Thick shoes will come in handy when you accidentally step on rusty nails.


Remove Extra Pieces

After taking all safety precautions, you can start the removal process. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all possible extra pieces. Get the slide, roof, and other accessories out of the way. Focus on the main frame afterward.


Remove The Swing Beam

Get to the center cross beams with a ladder. Look for the screws and brackets that secure the beam and take them off. When you remove the bracket, the beam will fall to the ground. Remember not to place your ladder against the framework.


Get To The Playhouse Deck

The next in line is the playhouse deck. You have to be extra careful while removing the deck since it’s the heaviest unit of the set. Remove the railings or sidewalls first. If the walls are in poor condition, saw them off or tear them down with a hammer.


Disassemble The Main Frame

At this point, the only thing standing will be the main frame of the playset. The larger the set, the more time and labor-intensive the disassembling process will be. Patiently remove all the nuts and bolts that hold the structure together.


What To Do With The Leftover Metal And Wood?

After taking down the swing set, you will have to deal with the leftovers. You can rent a truck and send them to the nearest landfill. You can also sell the remains to a scrap yard. After the sale, scrapyard workers will collect the leftovers from your yard and take those to their facility.

You can also choose to recycle the parts on your own. If you can salvage some good-quality metal and wood from disassembling the swing set, you can repurpose those. Also, you can remove parts of the swing set and use the rest for a different purpose.

For example, you can keep the main frame and remove the slides and the swings. Decorate the frame with some lighting and build a path through it that extends to the garden. Say hello to your brand new garden terrace!


Final Say

The dangers associated with swing set removal are easily avoidable. Follow the safety guidelines and you will easily get the job done without any accident. However, if you don’t feel so sure about it, seek professional help.







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