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How To Ensure A Long Service Life For The Air Conditioner?

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How often do you clean AC system ducts, change filters, and check for leaks? The efficiency of an AC unit depends on the care practices.

Of course, each air conditioner comes with a specific lifespan. It won’t attain that lifespan if you don’t perform routine maintenance. Poor or lack of regular maintenance leads to a decrease in efficiency, resulting in a surge in utility bills.

Stay on this post to learn 7 seven ways to lengthen your air conditioner’s lifespan.


Adhere to Clearance Distance When Installing a Split System

The compressor and condenser of your outdoor unit require anunimpeded airflow to work expeditiously. If it is closer to a hindrance, airflow is immensely restricted, reducing its efficiency. Additionally, you will experience:

  •         Mediocre cooling
  •         The cooling system consumes more electricity, hence a surge in electrical bills.
  •         There is poor elimination of heat produced in the condenser and the compressor, thus reducing the air conditioners’ lifespan.

Adhere to clearance requirements based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Look out for hindrances, including constructional, landscaping, and mechanical obstructions.


Give Your Split System Rest

How many hours should ac run per day? An Ac system cycles on and off in 15 to 20 minutes. However, a central AC can run up to 8 hours, especially when it’s hotter outside.

If you are planning to leave home, turn it off. Alternatively, turn the thermostat to at least 5-degrees; it won’t go off but won’t be cooling the air. Or, you may only opt to turn it on at night when home. This will give it time to rest. Continually running an air conditioner causes its parts to wear and tear quickly.


Set the HVAC System Within the Manufacturer Recommended  Temperature Limits

HVAC Systems have a recommended temperature range of operation. All air handler systems (split system, ductless, or heat pump air handler) can reduce indoor temperatures by 20°F. Therefore, on a 90°F Florida day,  they can reduce indoor temperature to 70°F.

The US Department of Energy advocates for a 78°F minimum. Managing a hot day is much easier at such a temperature without knocking the AC system beyond 20°F. Once you force the air conditioning system below the 20°F threshold, its compressor strains, eventually causing burnout. As a result, it shortens its lifespan.


Clean and Rinse the Coarse Air Filters

How often do you check the coarse air filters on the indoor unit of the split system? Air filters are critical as they form the first and last line of defense. The filter protects against several foreign materials, including mold, pollen, fur from pets, dust, and dander.

So, it is important to clean the air filters regularly. Experts recommend that you clear the air filters every 200-250 hours. This is roughly every two weeks. Additionally, consider replacing filters after every four months. Above all, fix new air filters just before the summer season starts.

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Clean the Drainage Regularly

If you have a clogged line, cooling efficiency drastically decreases. This problem is avoidable with simple regular AC maintenance.When water accumulates in the drain pipes, it causes algae and mold growth. Also, it causes structural damage to the entire system.

When should you clean the AC drainpipe? The apparent sign is when you see dirty water flowing out of the drain. Act swiftly; else, the pipe may clog. A clocked line will not let water out, leading to inefficient cooling.


Stabilize Voltage to the Split System

A central air conditioner requires a 220-volt or 240-volt supply. However, based on their cooling abilities, the window ac unit with heat pump are in both 110/120-volt or 220/240-volt models.

Check the manual to know the voltage requirement of your system, and run that system at the recommended voltage. Having a consistent power supply keeps your air conditioning system running smoothly.

For instance, running a 220V air conditioner into 110V power outlets loses cooling efficiency. Typically, low voltage causes the motor pulls more than standard current; the motor windings temperature rise by up to 15 percent for  each 10 percent drop in voltage.

Remember, if you run the internal motor on low power for a longer time, it spoils. So, if your voltage is unstable, utilize a voltage stabilizer.


Monitor Indoor Humidity

The air conditioner removes humidity from your living space. Since the radiator is cool, it condenses the moisture, which drips in a tray and is drained away. So, your split system can remove humidity from the air. But the process of dehumidification should be independent of the cooling process.

A functional AC system should keep the humidity levels between 45 and 60 percent. You can set it to dry or cool mode depending on the system. Others offer three setting options, i.e., standard, low, and high.

If your system is not controlling humidity effectively, it could be generating too much power. Consider:

  1.           Cleaning coils 
  2.           Adjusting the fan speed to balance cooling and dehumidification

      iii.            Ensure the refrigerant charge is okay

Knowing the proper humidity for indoors will help you know if your system is functioning correctly.



Heat pump repair can be costly, but it will return your AC system to pristine condition when well done. Regular maintenance of an air conditioner will lower your energy bills, increase reliability, and improve reliability. Besides, well serviced and maintained HVAC systems can last longer. If your system fails, find an experienced handle such as Handy Kith.







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