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Everything You Need to Know on How to Seal Wood Without Changing Color

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As you can see, buildings and equipment nowadays are usually built in either concrete, steel or glass and yet some people still prefer having interior and exterior materials of wooden-made. What do you think is the reason?

That's because wood brings us closer to nature and give us an appeal of being convenient and creative. But if there’s one problem with wood, it would be how to seal wood without changing color.

Wooden furnitures have become a popular trend the recent years for its variety of class and design especially those that remained visually raw despite its finest texture. As a homeowner, having a set of these raw looking wooden furnitures is an ideal piece in every home. But if you have problem achieving the wood’s original hue or looking for such furnitures which color doesn’t fade, this article will show you how to seal a wood without changing its color.

How to Properly Seal Your Wood

You need to learn the accurate process of sealing a wood if you’re not doing it right yet. Here’s how:

Choose the right location. 

Location is significant in doing woodwork. You can't just work around people specially kids as they will intervene and accidentally ruin the current processing. You should consider a spot where ventilation can disperse fumes out of the room and left your project undisturbed. The temperature must remain above 65°F and 50% for humidity during application and drying method.

Choose the desired wood for the project

There are various numbers of woods used in woodwork differentiating from texture, color, price, scent, markings and uses. Personally I prefer Sheesham wood and canary wood  because of their vibrant color and beautiful rainbowed streaks. They are also one of the best woods for table top and perfect for woodcarving.

Sand it

hand sanding

hand sanding

Sanding is important in the sealing stages of wood to remove scratches, defects, indentation, raised grains and small spots in the surface. It is done either by hands using sandpapers or a power sander. For this task, you should be wearing face mask to avoid inhaling particles and keep a dry cloth to remove the dust from the surface of the wood.

You must learn that sandpapers varies according to degree of coarseness.You should start from a rougher (100-120) grit to finer (220) grit sandpapers to allow you of reducing major irregularities.

You can make use of wood filler to fill in cracks and holes in the surface so it is easier to smoothen the wood. Sanding is done multiple times to achieve the desired smoothness of the surface.

Apply sealer

Sealer is often used either before sanding or after staining as a base coat to seal the pores of the wood and produce an ultra-smooth foundation. A clean brush is used to evenly covered the surface and prevent grain from rising. It is also helpful of repeller moisture for the wood.

Apply polyurethane

Polyurethane is one of the most popular furnishing material in woodwok. It is a kind of varnish with a super tough formulation so its microscopic chain of resin molecules will stick together as it dries. The output is more resistant to water, abrasion and impact from varnishes and solvents.

Apply polyurethane

Apply it by pouring it over the end grain of the wood, running it down using a wet clean rag. Always wear a gloves while doing this and spread the solution using a clean brush.

Apply shellac

Shellac is a yellowish orange thin varnish of resic lac secreted from a female tropical insect . It is sold as dry flakes dissolved in alcohol to make it liquid and often used as natural primer, odor blocker and high gloss varnish in woodwork. Shellac can be applied in the surface either by brushing it with a china-bristle brush or a medium weight cotton muslin padding. Since it dries quickly, you have to avoid drips or blotchy areas because it will produce blemishes on your output. If you desire to have a clear wood finish, you may skip applying shellac on your woodwork.

Apply Lacquer

Unlike other finishes, Lacquer has the fastect drying effect and is often used for its hard, durable output. Lacquer is commonly applied with a apray gun to avoid mistakes.You must learn to apply it in thin coats to avoid having an orange peel effect and buildups in specific spots.

The Best Tips on How to Seal Wood Without Changing Color

The first thing that you need to do is to find the perfect finish for the wood. To do this, you have to  learn that there are different types of finish too: Oil-based and Waterbourne.

  • Oil Based:  This kind of finish has more depth in color and gloss than waterbourne finish. Most people prefer this finish for its durability to last for several years and its rather cheaper price than materieals of water-based.
  • Waterbourne:  This kind of finish is popular for its low toxicity and odor. While others prefer oil based for its durability and low- cost price, some people still prefer waterbourne for having a less hazardous and environment-friendly finish. It also has tendency to make hardwood of light color look better especially over time.

This part of the article will show you now the best product to sealing wood without changing its color:

  • As stated above, using oil-based products result to an amber color therefore you have to go for a waterborne finish. But remember that you need to avoid putting super thick film on the surface because even it gives clear finish, it has tendency to look unnatural.
  • You also have to consider choosing the right sheen for your water based products. Your best option is the matte and you should avoid the shiny type as it will also change the natural color of your wood.
  • While water-based polyurethane already gives a clear wood output, having a water-based lacquer may strengthen the wood’s natural color and lessen the combustibility of solvent-based finish.
  • Another way of achieving that rich and natural wood color is through wax finishing like Fiddes hard wax oil. Aside from being the safest way to seal a wood, it produces a delicate glow and leaves good fragrance on the output. It also has a moderate resistant to water spill and barriers airborne pollutants and dust.

YouTube Video | Using a Water Based Finish For The First Time

YouTube Video | Clearcoat Application - Applying Your Clear Top Coat

In Summary

It is indeed undeniable that wooden furniture and equipment nowadays are a trend for its various uses and durability that can last for several years. However not everything we can buy from the community market and malls has the perfect design and features that can satisfy our wants. Somehow, making one out of your budget might be a wise decision as well as learning the right knowledge can be used for a possible business and home maintenance.

To prevent yourself from experimenting woodwork, it would be best that you consider the steps and suggestions mentioned above. It is also necessary that you consider providing a workplace and extra cash for additional expenses before deciding to seal the wood yourself.

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