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How To Stay Cool During A Texan Summer

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The heat in the middle of summer in the Lone Star State can be pretty brutal, which is why you will want to do everything that you can in order to stay cool no matter where you are. To help you with this fateful task, we have put together a list of helpful tips that you can follow this summer.


When indoors

In order to ensure that you stay cool indoors throughout the whole of summer, it is important to keep your air conditioning system well maintained. If it is, for whatever reason, broken then call ac repair in Denton, TX to get the problem fixed right away.

It can help to block the sunlight from entering your home through the windows, so make sure that your curtains and / or blinds are always shut during the day time. You can actually purchase specialist curtains that block out heat for when it gets particularly hot.

If you have any fans then make sure they are switched on to circulate cold air around your home. These can either be used in conjunction with your air conditioning system for maximum effect or on their own during those times the system is not working or switched off. 

Traditional incandescent light bulbs actually give off quite a bit of heat when they are switched on. In order to avoid this from happening, switch to the more environmentally friendlier and cooler LED light bulbs instead. These now come in a range of different shapes, sizes, and styles nowadays so you do not have to compromise the look of interior style.

Using a plug in dehumidifying unit inside of your home can reduce the amount of moisture there is, helping you to feel cooler in the process. If your property has a basement, then try and direct the cooler air from down there up into the main part of your home. When it is particularly hot, do not use an oven to cook your meals as that gives off a large amount of heat – on those days stick to eating things like salads instead. 


When outdoors

No matter how much you may want to avoid doing so, it is practically impossible to avoid going outdoors at some point during a hot summer’s day. When you inevitably do have to go out, make sure that you wear clothing that is as lightweight as possible and that you also wear a hat of some sort. 

You need to make sure that you keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids – although alcohol and / or caffeine should be avoided due to their diuretic properties. Where possible, try and stick to the shade, and if needed, carry a damp cloth or rag with you to cool yourself down with. 

The hottest part of the day during a Texan summer is between the hours of 12 pm (noon) and 7 pm in the evening, so wherever possible, try to avoid going out during these times.